Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Such a Dilemna

I have been busy still cleaning up and writing family histories and have realised that the living stories are so important and memories are such a fragile thing. This weekend we are off the the Walk of Achievers lunch in memory of Thomas Orpan Irvine King he is being honoured for his contribution to Maryborough. It will be an interesting luncheon from a historical point of view as the Council have about 10 recipients and they all contributed to the local area.

So we are off to hear their stories and plaques will be unveiled in the Wharf St Precint, there are already so many interesting stories and people recognised and if you haven't been down to see them you really should a sense of place and how great an area we live in is told from seeing these amazing stories. The Customs House museum has them all listed on a wall so you can see who is on the footpaths and their stories. This PDF link gives you an overview of the recipients click here.

We had the pleasure in our pursuit of the life of Tom King on the weekend to meet descendants of Tom's sister Charlotte, it is amazing when you come together and meet a branch of the family that you never knew existed or for that matter even linked. I gathered so many tiny titbits of information from the conversations and we have a new story to add to Toms book, which we are following up.

On the Schwarzrocks side of the family I am still delving into the Prussia/Poland records and think I may have established a whole family tree based in Europe but our connection is still in the air. There are so many wonderful sites coming out for looking up German ancestors and if your on facebook there are some amazing groups based around German records.

I got this link this week and can't wait to delve in and see what i can find the link is HERE anyway I had better be off, am supposed to be a plasterer today so had better go and do some work

Till next time happy hunting

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