Thursday, 9 March 2017

Wow how time flies..

I realised I haven't posted anything since Christmas the time has gotten away from me this year yet I have been achieving so much. When the Society went on holidays I stayed on over the break to catch up with all the tasks I hadn't finished and decided to clean up the computer and my records.

It was definitely worth it and I had the opportunity to meet a lovely lady who is looking for her ancestors. The Great Grandmother she is looking for is we believe is known as Elizabeth Thurechts who was married ot a George Berry and they lived at Wondai.. but we have a major disaster in that we can not find any trace of her she gave birth to children, but wierd enough is that her surname is different on every birth certificate. So Elizabeth and I are trying every avenue to discover this person who she owes so much to.

I think I have tried every avenue of research and I dont' think there is any way to go but we will keep plodding along. Then in the process I have also been helping Bill with his family and filling in the missing gaps of his family. It can be so rewarding helping somebody else discover new people and family.

Then the most exciting thing was announced that Tom King my GGGGrandfather is being honoured by the Fraser Coasts Council at their Walk of Achievers and they are having an official ceremony on the 7th May.. this is awesome as Tom and the family contributed heaps to the local area as most of the family were Irish Policemen.

Tom was part of the initial party that went to Victoria to track Ned Kelly but Tom liked a drink or two and was arrested by the Victorian Cops for drunk and disorderly.. and sent home but he went back to work and continued on his merry way. :)

I have more exciting news I have been enrolled at the University of Tasmania for Place Image, Object course.. this should be fascinating to do as it explores how objects, places, and images assist you in writing the history of someone.. I am sure it is going to expand my research skills heaps and I am also waiting to see if I get accepted into another course which will advance my skills and qualifications hugely.

So as you can read I am flat out getting nowhere and having a ball.. I am going to a meeting on Saturday for the 150th anniversary of the landing of the schooner "Mary Smith" in Maryborough. This is a recruiting ship for South Sea Islanders, and we are already having some of the most interesting conversations with my old pal Alistair who has roped me in for this. Although I am quite looking forward to it..

So I am rambling along and your probably thinking now I know why she can't get anything on paper.. I need to get my stuff more organised for sure but I love flicking from one thing to another as I learn more and more things daily.

Till next time

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