Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Round and round in circles I go

Wow time has flown since I last wrote but I have been totally busy trying to fit everything in and losing hours going round and round. I decided to trace the King family back into Ireland as I read so much about people going back to the 16th and 17th Centuries so I thought I have done nothing on any of my families and their immigrations and the ships they travelled on blah blah blah..

Well that is how I certainly feel about how I am achieving this so far. So I started with Walter Stewart King  1826-1892 who died in Maryborough and was born and married in Ireland. I have his father Thomas G King and his Mother Frances Stuart.. and blow me down if I can not find a birth record anywhere..

I don't even think they existed in Ireland at this moment.. so I spent a whole afternoon looking through microfiche and Irish Ancestor magazines to come up with zilch.. not a thing.. ... yep no birth records, no proof other than his death certificate of who he is.

So I came home with a list of websites to trawl through and hopefully over the next week I will find something on when they landed here and how they got here.

Hours lost and a bit of hair pulling spent the afternoon yesterday trawling immigration and naturalisation on National sites, focussing on both the Hunters and the Kings, both apparently from Ireland and immigrated to Australia.. result..... nooooooooooothing.

 But I know I am missing a major point and now I must contemplate whether I am even looking in the right place as both families came out pre Federation so maybe I need to delve into New South Wales records.

I never thought it would be easy but who ever said it was this hard..

Then in between all the frustration I took some time out to work on the Society database and was doing fire call out records for the fire department and found an entry when they burnt the house where the O'Connell family lived.

The O'Connells were victims of the plague in Maryborough and virtually the whole family was lost, the house was burned to the ground and the couple of girls that survived what ever happened to them. It made me stop and think if one of my ancestors had been involved in such a tragedy or even the fact so many records were destroyed in their country of origin we lost this part of history all together. The O'Connells and everything they owned or that was a memory or family heirloom was destroyed and the surviving children were left with nothing.. how sad our history can be..

On a brighter note I am off to lose hours searching websites.. till next time, keep smiling and hunting.. :0