Sunday, 21 August 2016

What an exciting time we have had.

Even though its been a couple of weeks since I wrote I have been slaving away and trying to update and add more info to my family tree and do other projects as well. 

I recently decided after finding lots of notes on subjects that haven't been witten on or have been before but are scattered to the winds to start writing books of my own on the history of the local area. 
So I have been collating information and working hard to start somewhere. I am doing a series of "snapshots in time" of course in my spare time which I have so much of... :)

Funny how an article in the newspaper can stir an immense panic of research and checking there was an interesting article in the newspaper about a woman that died on the side of the road out Miles way and her name was Lucy Blair. 

Well I did a quick check as I have lots of Blairs and lo and behold I have a Lucy with no details so I in a mad panic got the info from the article then went on a births deaths and marriages spree.. and a huge search to make sure this wasnt my woman.. 

If you want to read the sad story it is here LUCY BLAIR  thank fully I discovered mine had only one husband and died in 2005.Another rellie I never got to meet. 

BLOG READERS. .. slightly off track but did you see the article on the potluck guide for Bloggers.. that is an interesting read..

So I have been busy with the King family and am still building their story and filling in the other 19500 people in my tree. I seem to be spending alot of time filling in missing dates and going back over what I have and don't have.. 

But that is such a big part of family history is ensuring your information is correct.. although one member of our tree Thomas King has so many stories written about him or include him in the story you never quite know what is truth and what is not.. so in his book I am now including a section called "AND IT IS SAID..." 

The "AND IT IS SAID" stories are not verified in any way and have been hand me down stories that although are daring or exciting also seem to be full of poopoo... but then again they could be true... so we have decided to leave it to the readers to make their minds up...

One of my distant rellies is a McKewen from Tiaro and that has put me alittle on a side track as I am filling in his story and will hopefully give him a great suprise when I can send him the details of his family and any stories we find.. 

Oh did you hear the one about the two blokes heading west to pick up a dead man and they had the coffin on the back of the horse and dray. Anyways they stop for a swaggie who hitches a ride but as the rain starts he decides as the coffin is empty he would climb on in to stay dry. 

A little down the road they pick up another swaggie and as this bloke settles himself in the back of the dray the lid of the coffin pops up and a voice asks "has it stopped raining yet"? 

The 2nd swaggie dismounted in a major hurry and could n't be seen for dust.. 

On that note I had better get back to it till next time happy hunting.

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