Wednesday, 24 August 2016



We come across so many different things when we are doing family history and sometimes we just slide on by not thinking they are something to investigate but then we do things like I have done recently when I was doing data for the society and kept coming across...

WWII records and some were A.I.F and others were C.M.F... just a little bit of interesting trivia for you. So I realised I need to go back and find all the militia records and you know what is going to happen off on another adventure and who knows what I will discover.

Its funny when I first started doing my family tree and I joined the local Historical society I had no idea of the skills and headaches I would happen upon. I think one of the biggest questions was always so how far do you take your research and what do you put in it.

So off I went looking for dates mainly oh and wives/husbands and children but found there were so many stories and questions it was a little like Play school.. theres a bear in there and a chair in there , people to meet and stories to tell... and so the journey began.

Then I started doing volunteer work and seemed to be delving into history all round and people I didn't even know existed and their stories.. I must admit I think some of my current activities have definitely grown from my first experiences.

Now I am doing things like building databases, building websites, writing books ( yep on local stuff), doing family history for my family, writing and working with a group of amazing people that are building every branch on my tree and then I now have a public speaking gig.. OMG why did I say yes to that one..

I suppose the best bit is I can tell a story and the function I have to speak at is gonna hear a story or two.. that will definitely be an interesting one..

I don't have any stories to tell you today about my ancestors but I know I have a whole pile sitting in teh shadows waiting for their story to be told.. so I am off to see what I can find.. till next time..

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