Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Major Disaster Looming..

Whilst delving into the mysteries of my family tree the other day I was happily inputting information and the thought struck me like a bolt of lightening.. 

Who will carry on my fathers name when my generation are gone.. now this may not seem like such a biggie but when you think about it.. if there are no son's with the family name to carry on.. then your part of the family and its name dies with the last male child so in 100 years time that ancestral line will have all but dissapeared.. 

So that means what ... our name will disappear from the history books, and the connection to other members of  the family wont be made unless we have written and stored the family tree somewhere for future generations to see it

Have you considered this disaster.. until now I hadn't really thought about it.. but this is how it goes in my family.. 

My mums maiden name is Schwarzrock and she had 2 brothers so the name went down another generation and one of those brothers had 2 sons.. now as long as they have boys and their boys have boys the Schwarzrock lineage will continue.. 

But on my Dads side.. I have 2 brothers.. and I have 2 daughters so I let the lineage down by not having sons and naming them Wroe.. and one of my brothers is unmarried with no children ( that we know of) so he is not holding up his side of the bargain.. and my other brother has a son and 4 daughters but the sons surname is registered under his Mothers name.. so the Wroe lineage on my Dads side is not looking too good.. 

So how do we resolve this dilemna .. to those not interested in family history I know you may be reading this and thinking your absolutely nuts.. but believe me in a hundred years time.. I would like to know my Dads legacy was carried through.. so I think the only way to fix it is to 

a) find a wife for my brother and get him breeding sons immediately 
b) change my nephews name and add Dads name into it.. :( can't see that happening.. 
c) Pour a drink and contemplate history.. 

So do you have all these bases covered.. who would have ever contemplated the thought of the importance of carrying on the family name... 

Well I might need to go and find another way to carry on the history of our family and have that drink... Cheers 

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Round and round the merry go round.

Its only been 11 days since my last post.. definitely not a confession of any sort, wow how time flies when your having fun.. 

Fun.. what fun... as you know I have been working on a project for the Historical Society so then we had our official launch and then I had a pile of bits to archive but to start filing them in the archive room I had to clean out a cupboard which is like a housing picture cupboard so I have lost a week in trying to scan and add house photos.. so my own family history has stopped all together but this week I am determined to get back into it and sort out where I am up to. 

I have had a perfect start to this goal this morning when I started to input a tree into our database under the surname of Wandschneider a family from Germany and this old report even has the typed pages than just keep unfolding 

and unfolding.. well low and behold there are a whole pile of people in there that are ours.. yes sirree.. it was like Christmas but what a confusing pile to sort. 

So here I was half way through the cascading fall of paper and I find a match in my tree but what does that mean.. yes I have to go all the way back to the top to find the missing ancestors and that opened a whole new pandora's box of names and dates. 

I know in the beginning the gene pool was small but it would be so much easier if they could have just spread across the river maybe to spread the names and mix it up a little. .. 

So many names and dates so close together and then you look and think OMG we married back into the same family in 3 different ways.. I am sure many families in smaller towns have the same thing and so we spend hours and hours searching for that elusive clue so that we can put the right Nathaniel with the right parents.. or the right kids together.. 

Although when you look at the figures I have just under 19 500 people in my tree and only 5800ish individual families so have kept it fairly close... so close we now encompass most of Australia and like the Leyland brothers would say ... "We've been everywhere man, we've been everywhere"... so back to the salt mines till next time.. Happy searching