Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Search is on

Whilst doing family group sheets the other day I found I am missing information on 2 brothers Thomas and Nathaniel King.. so off I went on a random google search session.. Anybody who does this knows that a random google search can lead to hours and hours of no productivity but a lot of useless information can arise.. 

First stop Trove..of course.. where else can you find the coolest stories that have nothing to do with your research.. and lo and behold up comes a very cool piece of info

Now I had only recently realised Thomas enlisted but didn't know Nat went too.. so with a bit more digging I got Thomas dedication from the AWM Virtual Wall.. 

So then I am reading and it is like what on earth is the Camel Field Ambulance...

Well what an education that was.. here are some excerpts I found on the internet.. 

In the early stages of the Sinai and Palestine campaigns, sand-carts and camels were used to evacuate men from the lines of battle.
However, each were found to be inefficient means of moving the wounded. The sand carts were adaptations of a design that had long been in use in upper Egypt and Sinai. They had two wheels with tyres that were wide enough to stop the cart digging into soft sand, and could carry two or three stretchers. 
However, in heavy sand it was that four horses were necessary to pull the cart, and that the cart had to be steered by a rider on one of the lead horses. In times of emergency, many more than three men had to be speedily evacuated, making the sand cart liable to become bogged or hard to steer.

Camels were also used. Two wounded were strapped into a horizontal platform suspended from either side of the camel's saddle, with their heads facing that of the camel. Early versions of these platforms were little better than boxes rigidly joined together which, in the words of the official historian of the Australian army medical services, were '...perhaps the most uncomfortable form of wounded transport ever devised.' 

For more information go to Lighthorse Information  its a fascinating read

But the search goes on to find Nathaniel and what happened all I know so far is he was injured somewhere in France but came home.. so the mystery goes on.. 

Till next time.. enjoy and if you have any hints on finding my lost boys please let me know :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Merry Christmas.... well it felt like Christmas

So the day started like any other yesterday.. off the the Society rooms to update the computer systems and to catch up with everyone.. but I rocked up and was greeted with a " YOU HAVE A PARCEL" 

I am thinking a parcel who would drop something for me here then I noticed a bag of papers and the name Keith written on them... well my first thought was "Merry Christmas to me" Keith is a relation of mine who has been helping me research the King family and he is one of those amazing people who walk around with a library of information in his head and oh what stories he can tell..

So I start flicking through the paperwork quickly to get an overall idea on what he has dropped off for me.. 

Walter S King and family...
Walter S King came out from Ireland with his family and started the whole story in Australia. The family first settled in the Ipswich area and from there they have woven tales of mystery, intrigue, hardship, sadness, and amazing careers across the states of Australia and through the eras. 

When I first started doing the tree to put together for others I had very limited information and am still building the story although I do think I will make a whole encyclopedia set by the time I am finished and wonderful people like Keith keep introducing me to new members of the family both living and deceased...

So I now am going to spend the day for the 4th time going through his papers and I am going to attempt to do the history of at least one member of the family and bind my first printed version... so wish me luck, and if I don't glue and bind my self together too hard I will show you what the first one looks like tomorrow... Till next time... Happy hunting

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Back on the trail of discovery.

So I decided yesterday to do some more research on the missing dates in my King tree so that I can fill in the gaps ready to put it all together and so I printed out 1 pages of missing information and started working through the webpages.... 

My system goes something like

Births, Deaths & Marriages 
Find My Past 
Then a Google search... 

It is amazing what a search can do I found the wives and husbands and births and deaths of a whole section of the family then went to move onto the next family and was looking for the birth and details of 

Clyde Leonard King.... 

I had a date of death for Clyde and it was 1944 in Yilgarn WA yet I have Willim John Irvine King  who alledgedly died in Yilgarn in 1934 which I got from Ancestry but have not been able to confirm.. so I will have to investigate that further.. I lived in Perth for a few years way before I started doing my tree and I was so close yet so far away from visiting these ancestors... Anyway back to the story.. 

Clyde Leonard King was 19 when he joined the Airforce and he was killed when he was 23 in one of the most interesting but sad circumstances... 

Now if that doesn't blow you away nothing will.. what an amazing find and an interesting story.. and to make it more interesting the photo below is where he has a memorial in Sydney and the type of plane he was flying.

Another fascinating chapter to the story.. cya :)

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Dates, Deaths and Dare to question

We find on our journey to discovering the ancestry of our heritage we will come across so much information that occasionally we forget to check the relevance of the info. This can be a right royal pain in the behind when you are on a mad dash to add the new found family only to discover the dates and information incorrect.

Do people not see the problem on Ancestry when they come up with a family or date and they don't work.. or am I just pedantic.. either or neither .. today I found a hint on Ancestry.. yes I was trawling through the hints section and the father died 5 years prior to the childs birth.. mmmmmmm.. To add or not to add...

Yes I did add and then Roots Magic was screaming impossible can't be done.. so I have left it there for the moment with a note to sort the truth..

The reason why we end up chasing our tails round and round... then I was laughing when I came across a hint for... wait for it....

uncle of husband of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife of 2nd great-uncle

Now I am sure he is not really relevant to the family but I have taken this tree to the extreme and have my own little ancestry going on so I added the hint...


I have decided each week to set myself  some goals to see if this helps clear up the backlog of information I have to input into the tree.. 

So we will see how we go and I would love to hear how you do this impossible task... 

I am now writing a blog for the Society so that is another project I am gonna try and stay on top of.. if you want to check that out..

This way my blog will focus more on my family tree and the local one on local stories.. till next time.. happy hunting.. :)

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Lotto Win.... am definitely smiling today

As you know I do alot of work for the Maryborough District Family History Society and one of our amazing researchers has been documenting local businesses that we have had over the years and then I put the info into the Societies database.. 

Well this morning was a lucky strike for me I am reading through the email and realise the bloke in the email is related to me and I have very little on his wife so this was like striking gold. 

So let me introduce to you Walter Kilpatrick - he is my 1st cousin 3x's removed.... 

3 May 1928 Messrs J. MURDOCH & “ Wallie ” KILPATRICK who for many years was in charge of the Men’s & mercery departments of FINNEY ISLES & CO before that firm went out of business have joined in partnership in business of their own -have taken over business of LOCK & PEARCE [near Commercial Hotel}
12 July 1928 specialize in ladies’ costumes MURDOCH & KILPATRICK mercer & tailoring specialist Kent Street opposite Stuparts
7 April 1934 Freehold Auction Sale by E K CARTER & CO trustees for James MURDOCH Junior and Walter Stewart KILPATRICK- land Sub 33 of Section 140 in Churchill St between Pallas & Cheapside Sts including 7 roomed dwelling and Sub 140 of Allot,12 of Section 47 5 roomed cottage Thomas St off Ferry St
CM 7 Feb 1949 funeral of James MURDOCH of Lugg St Paddington - cremated

1925 James MURDOCH junior draper’s assistant Churchill St plus Ethel Annie
1925 James Pallas St a storeman + Cecelia Robertson
1925 Mary Robertson shop assistant and Margaret Hamilton Walker St
1925 William Stewart shop assistant North & Ferry Sts
1928 James junior draper’s assistant and Ethel Ann9ie Churchill St
1928 William Stewart shop assistant and Maude North & Ferry Sts
1936 James a draper 24 Arthur St Red Hill Brisbane + Ethel Annie 1943 James a shop assistant + Ethel Annie 111 Kennedy Tce Red Hill Brisbane
1949- 1958 Ethel Annie at Lugg St Paddington
James MURDOCH[1] born c 1824 married Mary ROBERTSON [c1830-1897].On the GLOUCESTER arrived 11 July 1873 were James 49, Mary 42 Hugh R 17 ,Mary R 15 , James 13 , Robert S 9 , Cecelia R 7 and Sarah 3
James died 9 Jan. 1903 at residence of son-in-law New Farm Brisbane in 80th year
His son James[2] born 3 Oct 1859 SCT married in 1883 Helen [Ellen ] EADIE. [1860-1942].They had two daughters [Mrs R HEDBERG and Cecilia Robertson ] and three sons- James , William Stewart and [Henry] Richard. James died in 1941Long OBIT 26 July 1941 worked at Hockley’s :poem 29 July by Bannerman
James MURDOCH[3] born 29 Jan 1885 married in 1922 Ethel Annie McDOWELL nee CAMPBELL. They had 2 daughters and a son. James died in Brisbane in 1949 OBIT 8 Feb 1949 - he collapsed while singing in the Ithaca Presby. Church choir ; worked for Finney Isles & Co Mbro and Brisbane and for Barry & Roberts in Brisbane ; cremated Mt Thompson . Ethel Annie died in Brisbane in 1958.
Walter Stewart KILPATRICK born in Bundaberg in 1893 married in 1920 Muriel Matilda WEBER [1894-1988].Walter died 20 Sep 1957 and Muriel on 11 Jan 1988. Both buried Maryborough Cemetery [headstone].
1917-1926 Walter Stewart a draper of Alice St; 1925-1926 Muriel Matilda at Thomas St Maryborough
1919 Muriel Matilda WEBER at Woongool Road Tinana with her parents
1928 Walter Stewart a draper Alice St ;Muriel Matilda at Thomas St
1936 Walter Stewart a salesman Thomas St with Muriel Matilda
1949-1954 Walter Stewart a draper 10 Thomas St with Muriel Matilda
1980 Muriel Matilda at 10 Thomas St

Chron. 12 June 1939 Auction of furniture on account of Mrs W KILPATRICK of 10 Thomas St 

So now I am off th try and find the store and any information I can on it and to locate 10 Thomas St.. a 5 roomed cottage in those days was a fair size cottage.. although I would believe this may not have been the original structure.. oh well will let you know what I find.. 

Have a brilliant weekend ... happy researching 

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