Friday, 26 February 2016


When I started all these projects I set up piles and piles of paper to sort through then overloaded my poor laptop with all this info..

Why oh why do we do this to ourselves and our computers...

I think if I started another project I would defintely do it differently and at the moment my floor lines up with unfinished projects, and there is stuff in the bookcases to sort but it will all happen in good time.

Organising your research is so important and some of the things I have done to make life easier include..

* Folder for each persons media objects
* All items are clearly named including date of article
* Folders for each book I am writing
* Piles in a line on the floor of stuff that is labelled to work through
* As I finish each item I do something with it.. not put it in an new pile.
* A very special folder on my laptop labelled OMG no idea .. and this is for the stuff I want to come back to...

I would love to know how your organise your research and keep it all flowing... well back to it..

Happy researching..

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


I remember sitting over Christmas and thinking this year will be awesome as I will get some time to focus on my family history and to finish some of it ready to be able to show others.. well that went out the door rather rapidly. 

I have been flat out with projects that don't seem to be getting me anywhere.. first 

MDFHS BIG M .. this girl is coming along beautifully and we got a new computer just to put the database on so now its a matter of cleaning everything out to put into the database so we will have the most extensive network of local research at our fingertips... The bonus in this is that I have found so many hints, photos and extras for my own tree as I have gone along that it has been a great research tool for me. 

We will be getting ready to launch it soon.. soooo excited. 

COLLETT tree.. we discovered recently that there were a couple of errors in the early tree and thankfully got that fixed before having to edit too many people.. now its a matter of filling the tree with information... 

Where to start with that is always a drama .. so I am enlisting the help of other Collett researchers/family to see if they have any of the missing people.. 

WROE/SCHWARZROCK TREE.. Welll OMG.. has that taken some unexpected turns.. I was recently lucky enough to come across a distant relative who gave me a box of things to sort through that relate to Thomas O I King ( my GGGrandfather) and I am discovering a whole new set of rellies and info.. He has asked that I put it into a book when I am finished.. and so this will be my hair pulling project at the end of the data collection.. 

But then I also made contact with Ross who is on my Dads side and we are on a data swap.. and that is mindblowing.. I didn't know 3 years ago that any of these people ever existed and am having such a ball discovering them... 

And my blog has missed out badly over the last couple of months but I have had so much time with my head in the computer learning new skills and now I am looking at where and how my trees are uploaded to and how I can make them more user friendly and how to turn my blog into a more  interesting format.. **huge sigh** more computer learning.. but till next time... 

Stay tuned.. and keep digging you never know what gem you will turn up..