Sunday, 25 December 2016

A Happy New Year and a huge year ahead

Well the time has flown by so quick and after a lovely Christmas Day it is time to look forward and set some goals for 2017.

I realised the time is slipping by and as the remaining ancestors are all getting a year older it is quite urgent to make sure you get their stories written down. I have set myself a goal of one interview a week to ensure my list of stories grows and if anything goes wrong we have those memories recorded.

The next question is what am I looking for - me being me I think I will set my self a set of questions, then make a list of 52 people to talk to and hopefully they may fill in some of the gaps.. it is quite interesting an Aunt made a comment to Mum of "it would be awesome to have a family reunion but the problem is our family doesn't talk to each other so I don't think it would work."

This is a great indicator that we need to write those stories. The other goal I have set my self is to discover something old in the local area each month and write an article on is.. and I am starting this adventure tomorrow with a trip to Gayndah for 3 days. The oldest town in Queensland and believe it or not we are staying in the oldest pub in Queensland.. how exciting and I have already found the location of the Historical Museum and the Cemetery which is great as I will hopefully get a chance to visit them.

The other thing I am going to do is buy myself a new printer and put all my family histories together in print form this is going to be a major learning curve but then when I do interviews I can take that part of the family relevant to the person I am talking to.

On top of all this I am going to apply to do the course that the Society of Australian Genealogists offers which if I can get in and get through with good enough marks will give me a chance to do their Diploma course. I will still be majorly active in the Historical society as I have lots of things there to complete this year and we  have taken our Family History Research Software to a new level and have so much to do to make it partially complete..

All in all I think it is going to be a huge year and I am so excited to get started.. so to all have a Happy New Year and happy hunting....

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Round and round in circles I go

Wow time has flown since I last wrote but I have been totally busy trying to fit everything in and losing hours going round and round. I decided to trace the King family back into Ireland as I read so much about people going back to the 16th and 17th Centuries so I thought I have done nothing on any of my families and their immigrations and the ships they travelled on blah blah blah..

Well that is how I certainly feel about how I am achieving this so far. So I started with Walter Stewart King  1826-1892 who died in Maryborough and was born and married in Ireland. I have his father Thomas G King and his Mother Frances Stuart.. and blow me down if I can not find a birth record anywhere..

I don't even think they existed in Ireland at this moment.. so I spent a whole afternoon looking through microfiche and Irish Ancestor magazines to come up with zilch.. not a thing.. ... yep no birth records, no proof other than his death certificate of who he is.

So I came home with a list of websites to trawl through and hopefully over the next week I will find something on when they landed here and how they got here.

Hours lost and a bit of hair pulling spent the afternoon yesterday trawling immigration and naturalisation on National sites, focussing on both the Hunters and the Kings, both apparently from Ireland and immigrated to Australia.. result..... nooooooooooothing.

 But I know I am missing a major point and now I must contemplate whether I am even looking in the right place as both families came out pre Federation so maybe I need to delve into New South Wales records.

I never thought it would be easy but who ever said it was this hard..

Then in between all the frustration I took some time out to work on the Society database and was doing fire call out records for the fire department and found an entry when they burnt the house where the O'Connell family lived.

The O'Connells were victims of the plague in Maryborough and virtually the whole family was lost, the house was burned to the ground and the couple of girls that survived what ever happened to them. It made me stop and think if one of my ancestors had been involved in such a tragedy or even the fact so many records were destroyed in their country of origin we lost this part of history all together. The O'Connells and everything they owned or that was a memory or family heirloom was destroyed and the surviving children were left with nothing.. how sad our history can be..

On a brighter note I am off to lose hours searching websites.. till next time, keep smiling and hunting.. :0

Wednesday, 24 August 2016



We come across so many different things when we are doing family history and sometimes we just slide on by not thinking they are something to investigate but then we do things like I have done recently when I was doing data for the society and kept coming across...

WWII records and some were A.I.F and others were C.M.F... just a little bit of interesting trivia for you. So I realised I need to go back and find all the militia records and you know what is going to happen off on another adventure and who knows what I will discover.

Its funny when I first started doing my family tree and I joined the local Historical society I had no idea of the skills and headaches I would happen upon. I think one of the biggest questions was always so how far do you take your research and what do you put in it.

So off I went looking for dates mainly oh and wives/husbands and children but found there were so many stories and questions it was a little like Play school.. theres a bear in there and a chair in there , people to meet and stories to tell... and so the journey began.

Then I started doing volunteer work and seemed to be delving into history all round and people I didn't even know existed and their stories.. I must admit I think some of my current activities have definitely grown from my first experiences.

Now I am doing things like building databases, building websites, writing books ( yep on local stuff), doing family history for my family, writing and working with a group of amazing people that are building every branch on my tree and then I now have a public speaking gig.. OMG why did I say yes to that one..

I suppose the best bit is I can tell a story and the function I have to speak at is gonna hear a story or two.. that will definitely be an interesting one..

I don't have any stories to tell you today about my ancestors but I know I have a whole pile sitting in teh shadows waiting for their story to be told.. so I am off to see what I can find.. till next time..

Sunday, 21 August 2016

What an exciting time we have had.

Even though its been a couple of weeks since I wrote I have been slaving away and trying to update and add more info to my family tree and do other projects as well. 

I recently decided after finding lots of notes on subjects that haven't been witten on or have been before but are scattered to the winds to start writing books of my own on the history of the local area. 
So I have been collating information and working hard to start somewhere. I am doing a series of "snapshots in time" of course in my spare time which I have so much of... :)

Funny how an article in the newspaper can stir an immense panic of research and checking there was an interesting article in the newspaper about a woman that died on the side of the road out Miles way and her name was Lucy Blair. 

Well I did a quick check as I have lots of Blairs and lo and behold I have a Lucy with no details so I in a mad panic got the info from the article then went on a births deaths and marriages spree.. and a huge search to make sure this wasnt my woman.. 

If you want to read the sad story it is here LUCY BLAIR  thank fully I discovered mine had only one husband and died in 2005.Another rellie I never got to meet. 

BLOG READERS. .. slightly off track but did you see the article on the potluck guide for Bloggers.. that is an interesting read..

So I have been busy with the King family and am still building their story and filling in the other 19500 people in my tree. I seem to be spending alot of time filling in missing dates and going back over what I have and don't have.. 

But that is such a big part of family history is ensuring your information is correct.. although one member of our tree Thomas King has so many stories written about him or include him in the story you never quite know what is truth and what is not.. so in his book I am now including a section called "AND IT IS SAID..." 

The "AND IT IS SAID" stories are not verified in any way and have been hand me down stories that although are daring or exciting also seem to be full of poopoo... but then again they could be true... so we have decided to leave it to the readers to make their minds up...

One of my distant rellies is a McKewen from Tiaro and that has put me alittle on a side track as I am filling in his story and will hopefully give him a great suprise when I can send him the details of his family and any stories we find.. 

Oh did you hear the one about the two blokes heading west to pick up a dead man and they had the coffin on the back of the horse and dray. Anyways they stop for a swaggie who hitches a ride but as the rain starts he decides as the coffin is empty he would climb on in to stay dry. 

A little down the road they pick up another swaggie and as this bloke settles himself in the back of the dray the lid of the coffin pops up and a voice asks "has it stopped raining yet"? 

The 2nd swaggie dismounted in a major hurry and could n't be seen for dust.. 

On that note I had better get back to it till next time happy hunting.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Searching, sorting and sifting

Isn't it amazing how much information we gather whether its relevant or not, or we see a name and think OOOww I will screenshot that I think its one of mine. 

So I started a file a little while back and called it the "to sort" file.. and what a congealed pile of pictures, cut outs and articles. Some with no connection at all.. well not at this point anyway. 

The week has been a mix of just sifting and sorting files and then the mind wanders to where am I going to go next and who do I work on and oh me oh my .. I need to ring that rellie and make an appointment to meet up but I know that is going to create more paper and am I really ready for that. 

Some of the records I have added to and found bits for are: 

I started writing this blog post 3 days ago and I am still wading through the mountains of saved information in the to sort file. But I must admit I have found some very interesting little nuggets and am in hope that I can finish it this week and get back to researching for real. Unfortunately my computer is a little like a bearing in a car.. with a bit of pressure the whole thing will go kebang and explode with a million piles of ball bearings. 

One of the interesting titbits I found was one of my family names in the area is King.. now this family has sent me on many a twist and turn but I know there used to be a cafe in town that was called Kings Cafe and it was owned by the King family. 

Until now I have never looked closer at the owners or their connections as there are two branches of Kings in Maryborough and due to names there has been many an occasion that the people have been mixed up so I very carefully document all my bits to ensure I have the right family.. and you would never guess what but they did marry into the family so one of our King girls married one of their King boys ( not the cafe clan but their cousins) so we mixed the Kings up .. :) and so as related by marriage I have my connection to the cafe thus then I am compelled to side track and do some research on the cafe.. 

I will put it up here for reading next time.. until then happy digging.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Major Disaster Looming..

Whilst delving into the mysteries of my family tree the other day I was happily inputting information and the thought struck me like a bolt of lightening.. 

Who will carry on my fathers name when my generation are gone.. now this may not seem like such a biggie but when you think about it.. if there are no son's with the family name to carry on.. then your part of the family and its name dies with the last male child so in 100 years time that ancestral line will have all but dissapeared.. 

So that means what ... our name will disappear from the history books, and the connection to other members of  the family wont be made unless we have written and stored the family tree somewhere for future generations to see it

Have you considered this disaster.. until now I hadn't really thought about it.. but this is how it goes in my family.. 

My mums maiden name is Schwarzrock and she had 2 brothers so the name went down another generation and one of those brothers had 2 sons.. now as long as they have boys and their boys have boys the Schwarzrock lineage will continue.. 

But on my Dads side.. I have 2 brothers.. and I have 2 daughters so I let the lineage down by not having sons and naming them Wroe.. and one of my brothers is unmarried with no children ( that we know of) so he is not holding up his side of the bargain.. and my other brother has a son and 4 daughters but the sons surname is registered under his Mothers name.. so the Wroe lineage on my Dads side is not looking too good.. 

So how do we resolve this dilemna .. to those not interested in family history I know you may be reading this and thinking your absolutely nuts.. but believe me in a hundred years time.. I would like to know my Dads legacy was carried through.. so I think the only way to fix it is to 

a) find a wife for my brother and get him breeding sons immediately 
b) change my nephews name and add Dads name into it.. :( can't see that happening.. 
c) Pour a drink and contemplate history.. 

So do you have all these bases covered.. who would have ever contemplated the thought of the importance of carrying on the family name... 

Well I might need to go and find another way to carry on the history of our family and have that drink... Cheers 

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Round and round the merry go round.

Its only been 11 days since my last post.. definitely not a confession of any sort, wow how time flies when your having fun.. 

Fun.. what fun... as you know I have been working on a project for the Historical Society so then we had our official launch and then I had a pile of bits to archive but to start filing them in the archive room I had to clean out a cupboard which is like a housing picture cupboard so I have lost a week in trying to scan and add house photos.. so my own family history has stopped all together but this week I am determined to get back into it and sort out where I am up to. 

I have had a perfect start to this goal this morning when I started to input a tree into our database under the surname of Wandschneider a family from Germany and this old report even has the typed pages than just keep unfolding 

and unfolding.. well low and behold there are a whole pile of people in there that are ours.. yes sirree.. it was like Christmas but what a confusing pile to sort. 

So here I was half way through the cascading fall of paper and I find a match in my tree but what does that mean.. yes I have to go all the way back to the top to find the missing ancestors and that opened a whole new pandora's box of names and dates. 

I know in the beginning the gene pool was small but it would be so much easier if they could have just spread across the river maybe to spread the names and mix it up a little. .. 

So many names and dates so close together and then you look and think OMG we married back into the same family in 3 different ways.. I am sure many families in smaller towns have the same thing and so we spend hours and hours searching for that elusive clue so that we can put the right Nathaniel with the right parents.. or the right kids together.. 

Although when you look at the figures I have just under 19 500 people in my tree and only 5800ish individual families so have kept it fairly close... so close we now encompass most of Australia and like the Leyland brothers would say ... "We've been everywhere man, we've been everywhere"... so back to the salt mines till next time.. Happy searching

Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Search is on

Whilst doing family group sheets the other day I found I am missing information on 2 brothers Thomas and Nathaniel King.. so off I went on a random google search session.. Anybody who does this knows that a random google search can lead to hours and hours of no productivity but a lot of useless information can arise.. 

First stop Trove..of course.. where else can you find the coolest stories that have nothing to do with your research.. and lo and behold up comes a very cool piece of info

Now I had only recently realised Thomas enlisted but didn't know Nat went too.. so with a bit more digging I got Thomas dedication from the AWM Virtual Wall.. 

So then I am reading and it is like what on earth is the Camel Field Ambulance...

Well what an education that was.. here are some excerpts I found on the internet.. 

In the early stages of the Sinai and Palestine campaigns, sand-carts and camels were used to evacuate men from the lines of battle.
However, each were found to be inefficient means of moving the wounded. The sand carts were adaptations of a design that had long been in use in upper Egypt and Sinai. They had two wheels with tyres that were wide enough to stop the cart digging into soft sand, and could carry two or three stretchers. 
However, in heavy sand it was that four horses were necessary to pull the cart, and that the cart had to be steered by a rider on one of the lead horses. In times of emergency, many more than three men had to be speedily evacuated, making the sand cart liable to become bogged or hard to steer.

Camels were also used. Two wounded were strapped into a horizontal platform suspended from either side of the camel's saddle, with their heads facing that of the camel. Early versions of these platforms were little better than boxes rigidly joined together which, in the words of the official historian of the Australian army medical services, were '...perhaps the most uncomfortable form of wounded transport ever devised.' 

For more information go to Lighthorse Information  its a fascinating read

But the search goes on to find Nathaniel and what happened all I know so far is he was injured somewhere in France but came home.. so the mystery goes on.. 

Till next time.. enjoy and if you have any hints on finding my lost boys please let me know :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Merry Christmas.... well it felt like Christmas

So the day started like any other yesterday.. off the the Society rooms to update the computer systems and to catch up with everyone.. but I rocked up and was greeted with a " YOU HAVE A PARCEL" 

I am thinking a parcel who would drop something for me here then I noticed a bag of papers and the name Keith written on them... well my first thought was "Merry Christmas to me" Keith is a relation of mine who has been helping me research the King family and he is one of those amazing people who walk around with a library of information in his head and oh what stories he can tell..

So I start flicking through the paperwork quickly to get an overall idea on what he has dropped off for me.. 

Walter S King and family...
Walter S King came out from Ireland with his family and started the whole story in Australia. The family first settled in the Ipswich area and from there they have woven tales of mystery, intrigue, hardship, sadness, and amazing careers across the states of Australia and through the eras. 

When I first started doing the tree to put together for others I had very limited information and am still building the story although I do think I will make a whole encyclopedia set by the time I am finished and wonderful people like Keith keep introducing me to new members of the family both living and deceased...

So I now am going to spend the day for the 4th time going through his papers and I am going to attempt to do the history of at least one member of the family and bind my first printed version... so wish me luck, and if I don't glue and bind my self together too hard I will show you what the first one looks like tomorrow... Till next time... Happy hunting

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Back on the trail of discovery.

So I decided yesterday to do some more research on the missing dates in my King tree so that I can fill in the gaps ready to put it all together and so I printed out 1 pages of missing information and started working through the webpages.... 

My system goes something like

Births, Deaths & Marriages 
Find My Past 
Then a Google search... 

It is amazing what a search can do I found the wives and husbands and births and deaths of a whole section of the family then went to move onto the next family and was looking for the birth and details of 

Clyde Leonard King.... 

I had a date of death for Clyde and it was 1944 in Yilgarn WA yet I have Willim John Irvine King  who alledgedly died in Yilgarn in 1934 which I got from Ancestry but have not been able to confirm.. so I will have to investigate that further.. I lived in Perth for a few years way before I started doing my tree and I was so close yet so far away from visiting these ancestors... Anyway back to the story.. 

Clyde Leonard King was 19 when he joined the Airforce and he was killed when he was 23 in one of the most interesting but sad circumstances... 

Now if that doesn't blow you away nothing will.. what an amazing find and an interesting story.. and to make it more interesting the photo below is where he has a memorial in Sydney and the type of plane he was flying.

Another fascinating chapter to the story.. cya :)

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Dates, Deaths and Dare to question

We find on our journey to discovering the ancestry of our heritage we will come across so much information that occasionally we forget to check the relevance of the info. This can be a right royal pain in the behind when you are on a mad dash to add the new found family only to discover the dates and information incorrect.

Do people not see the problem on Ancestry when they come up with a family or date and they don't work.. or am I just pedantic.. either or neither .. today I found a hint on Ancestry.. yes I was trawling through the hints section and the father died 5 years prior to the childs birth.. mmmmmmm.. To add or not to add...

Yes I did add and then Roots Magic was screaming impossible can't be done.. so I have left it there for the moment with a note to sort the truth..

The reason why we end up chasing our tails round and round... then I was laughing when I came across a hint for... wait for it....

uncle of husband of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife of 2nd great-uncle

Now I am sure he is not really relevant to the family but I have taken this tree to the extreme and have my own little ancestry going on so I added the hint...


I have decided each week to set myself  some goals to see if this helps clear up the backlog of information I have to input into the tree.. 

So we will see how we go and I would love to hear how you do this impossible task... 

I am now writing a blog for the Society so that is another project I am gonna try and stay on top of.. if you want to check that out..

This way my blog will focus more on my family tree and the local one on local stories.. till next time.. happy hunting.. :)

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Lotto Win.... am definitely smiling today

As you know I do alot of work for the Maryborough District Family History Society and one of our amazing researchers has been documenting local businesses that we have had over the years and then I put the info into the Societies database.. 

Well this morning was a lucky strike for me I am reading through the email and realise the bloke in the email is related to me and I have very little on his wife so this was like striking gold. 

So let me introduce to you Walter Kilpatrick - he is my 1st cousin 3x's removed.... 

3 May 1928 Messrs J. MURDOCH & “ Wallie ” KILPATRICK who for many years was in charge of the Men’s & mercery departments of FINNEY ISLES & CO before that firm went out of business have joined in partnership in business of their own -have taken over business of LOCK & PEARCE [near Commercial Hotel}
12 July 1928 specialize in ladies’ costumes MURDOCH & KILPATRICK mercer & tailoring specialist Kent Street opposite Stuparts
7 April 1934 Freehold Auction Sale by E K CARTER & CO trustees for James MURDOCH Junior and Walter Stewart KILPATRICK- land Sub 33 of Section 140 in Churchill St between Pallas & Cheapside Sts including 7 roomed dwelling and Sub 140 of Allot,12 of Section 47 5 roomed cottage Thomas St off Ferry St
CM 7 Feb 1949 funeral of James MURDOCH of Lugg St Paddington - cremated

1925 James MURDOCH junior draper’s assistant Churchill St plus Ethel Annie
1925 James Pallas St a storeman + Cecelia Robertson
1925 Mary Robertson shop assistant and Margaret Hamilton Walker St
1925 William Stewart shop assistant North & Ferry Sts
1928 James junior draper’s assistant and Ethel Ann9ie Churchill St
1928 William Stewart shop assistant and Maude North & Ferry Sts
1936 James a draper 24 Arthur St Red Hill Brisbane + Ethel Annie 1943 James a shop assistant + Ethel Annie 111 Kennedy Tce Red Hill Brisbane
1949- 1958 Ethel Annie at Lugg St Paddington
James MURDOCH[1] born c 1824 married Mary ROBERTSON [c1830-1897].On the GLOUCESTER arrived 11 July 1873 were James 49, Mary 42 Hugh R 17 ,Mary R 15 , James 13 , Robert S 9 , Cecelia R 7 and Sarah 3
James died 9 Jan. 1903 at residence of son-in-law New Farm Brisbane in 80th year
His son James[2] born 3 Oct 1859 SCT married in 1883 Helen [Ellen ] EADIE. [1860-1942].They had two daughters [Mrs R HEDBERG and Cecilia Robertson ] and three sons- James , William Stewart and [Henry] Richard. James died in 1941Long OBIT 26 July 1941 worked at Hockley’s :poem 29 July by Bannerman
James MURDOCH[3] born 29 Jan 1885 married in 1922 Ethel Annie McDOWELL nee CAMPBELL. They had 2 daughters and a son. James died in Brisbane in 1949 OBIT 8 Feb 1949 - he collapsed while singing in the Ithaca Presby. Church choir ; worked for Finney Isles & Co Mbro and Brisbane and for Barry & Roberts in Brisbane ; cremated Mt Thompson . Ethel Annie died in Brisbane in 1958.
Walter Stewart KILPATRICK born in Bundaberg in 1893 married in 1920 Muriel Matilda WEBER [1894-1988].Walter died 20 Sep 1957 and Muriel on 11 Jan 1988. Both buried Maryborough Cemetery [headstone].
1917-1926 Walter Stewart a draper of Alice St; 1925-1926 Muriel Matilda at Thomas St Maryborough
1919 Muriel Matilda WEBER at Woongool Road Tinana with her parents
1928 Walter Stewart a draper Alice St ;Muriel Matilda at Thomas St
1936 Walter Stewart a salesman Thomas St with Muriel Matilda
1949-1954 Walter Stewart a draper 10 Thomas St with Muriel Matilda
1980 Muriel Matilda at 10 Thomas St

Chron. 12 June 1939 Auction of furniture on account of Mrs W KILPATRICK of 10 Thomas St 

So now I am off th try and find the store and any information I can on it and to locate 10 Thomas St.. a 5 roomed cottage in those days was a fair size cottage.. although I would believe this may not have been the original structure.. oh well will let you know what I find.. 

Have a brilliant weekend ... happy researching 

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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Time Wasting

As the clouds gather outside my office window and I am sitting contemplating my next move.. time ticks on by..

I have been lucky enough to gather a couple of days off and so have decided ot use the time to the max and clean up some of the files and pics I have gathered recently both for my own research and for Family History but there is a slight problem.. Overwhelming OMGness.. I am looking around thinking I could start on this pile, and then I could start on that pile.. oooh but this pile has some interesting pictures in it.. and I really want to do more on my book but I need to do research to do that and then I just know I will get lost on a breadcrumb trail that will lead no where..  Do other researchers have the same dramas I do... or are they more organised than I am..

Time is our enemy in so many ways and I think a bout of time management for the next couple of days may be in order.. or I will end up chasing my tail and not get anything done... well I had better get back to it..

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Beware of the axe

 The King Family saga continues..

Well I have been busy adding and deleting people in the King tree.. I am normally a very anal person over facts and whether they are correct or not.. but now I am querying everything I have and I will admit my pretty proud my family tree has made it to 19,000 .. woohoo..

My most mysterious person at the moment is my GGGrandmother......
Jane Kenny
B 1852 died 1921.

Jane was married to Tom King and she was born in Ipswich Qld and died in Hervey Bay... one of the most amazing stories I have heard of her is she was a staunch woman and she on Fraser Island with Tom and was bitten on the thumb by a snake.. ( remembering most of the snakes on the Island is Death Adders) and she exclaimed to Tom " Tom I have been bitten on the thumb".

Tom in his straight up Irish way replied with "Turn away Jane" and then chopped her thumb off  with an axe and shoved her thumb or what was left of it in the fire to seal the wound. OMG they made them strong in those days..

I would love to have met this woman who was strong and staunch.. when Tom died on Fraser Island and they bought his body back by boat all she could say was "Is the old ba*d dead.. well you better bring him on up" ...

Jane was also the owner of the Urangan Hotel and her husband Tom had the victuallers licence.

Till next time .. hapy reading   The King Family saga continues..

Well I have been busy adding and deleting people in the King tree.. I am normally a very anal person over facts and whether they are correct or not.. but now I am querying everything I have and I will admit my pretty proud my family tree has made it to 19,000 .. woohoo..

My most mysterious person at the moment is my GGGrandmother......
Jane Kenny
B 1852 died 1921.

Jane King nee Kenney

Jane was married to Tom King and she was born in Ipswich Qld and died in Hervey Bay... one of the most amazing stories I have heard of her is she was a staunch woman and she on Fraser Island with Tom and was bitten on the thumb by a snake.. ( remembering most of the snakes on the Island is Death Adders) and she exclaimed to Tom " Tom I have been bitten on the thumb".

Tom in his straight up Irish way replied with "Turn away Jane" and then chopped her thumb off  with an axe and shoved her thumb or what was left of it in the fire to seal the wound. OMG they made them strong in those days..

I would love to have met this woman who was strong and staunch.. when Tom died on Fraser Island and they bought his body back by boat all she could say was "Is the old ba*d dead.. well you better bring him on up" ...

Jane was also the owner of the Urangan Hotel and her husband Tom had the victuallers licence.

Till next time .. hapy reading

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Woohoo its Friday

Where to store.... 

The question I see everyday in Facebook groups is where do I store my info and how to share it.. well I must admit I am pretty chuffed at the moment I have done lots of research and found for me the perfect solution. 

I use Roots Magic as my main family history program and I store all my info on there and I now use a site called Genealone as my website which is awesome for a couple of reasons. 
* I can upload pics and info to it and I have shared it with family members 
* I now have somewhere when I am out where I can go and check my facts and see if I am missing a person or not. 
* It is a great way of sharing info and for others to see what they can contribute to the site.
* It is a private site so you need access to see whats in it as we have lots of personal information in there and photos that have come from peoples private collections.. 

Where to look ....

You know one of my pet peeves at the moment would have to be the time capsule when your too young to be on regular websites like birth deaths and marriages and too old to be in indexes that are newish.. so you get this whole generation of people that trying to find is like literally locating a needle in a haystack.. I wish somebody had a solution to this problem other than asking people that are alive.. and if your families are like mine they don't know anything as the generations never spoke and half the country doesn't know they have relatives.. 

What to do next.... 

I must admit my to do list is never ending and I know my tree is missing so much info but where to start.. so I am now printing out 5 pages at a time and working through the missing bits and when I have them then I move onto the next 5 pages.. why you ask.. when I do 8 generations and have all these names I get a little bored and wander too much and pick and choose who I am doing then I wander off to somebody else that isnt' really related.. 

I know yesterday I was doing some body that was my great great great grandfathers brothers daughters husbands family and outlaws.. had a ball found some names I didn't know and a few that rang bells from growing up in the area.. but hey thats family research isnt' it... 

So will I or will I not over the weekend focus on more missing facts or find something else to look for.. I know one of the most important things I have decided to do is make a list of living people and catch up with them to see what facts they have and what they can add to my tree.. so it means I may just have to go visiting and not achieve much.. 

So till next time.. Have a brilliant weekend.. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Hair Pulling Frustration

I have decided that Family Research is such a frustrating hobby to take up. I have been floundering with whether I have the right information or not  and I have recently added and deleted so many people because as a novice when I first started I went on Ancestry like so many. 

I believed what I read, and absorbed all the information I possibly could and what a mess I now have.. did William.. really go to West Australia and die there or did he not. Or did he actually get convicted and go to Goulburn goal and die in the Bathurst region the same year.. 

But I have had the absolute pleasure of extending of meeting so many extended family members who are so keen to see the family history in print.

In print what a hell of a task.. which I have found is another of my other problems.. do i do it in a book, have it published, leave it on a website.. what do I put in the book and what do I not. 

Then we come to the problem of how much do people want to know and what is important to them.. I love a good story, and a bit of mystery but do we need to air the dirty laundry.. 

Writing history... but I do believe that we are the writers of history and it is our job to at this time to put our stories, and facts on paper so that in 100 years time when our descendants are looking for our history it will be written. 

Funny how one persons perspective on history is different to anothers and all history prior is actually one persons perspective of events that occured, and most people write them with an agenda in mind... whether it is to make a good story to sell books and make money, to tell the truth, to reveal the torrid events of the time.. or like some of us we write in hope that our stories will survive and that the histories we write will become legends of the next generation.

Oh but on a brighter note I found an ancestor that had a pub... guess what I now have 2 yes 2 pubs in my history. 

If you have printed your family history or put it on paper I would love to know your thoughts.. till next time.. happy hair pulling. 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Too much to do, not enough time

Isn't it amazing how we sit waiting for something to happen and all we can think about is wow.. I could be doing so much research while sitting here.. I was sitting waiting to go into surgery the other day and all I could think about is all the research I have to do and how the waiting room is the perfect place to look up all those missing dates.

Then the biggest challenge is the lost in time dates.. I have a system of looking first I do the Births deaths and marriages website, then Ancestry, then Find my past and then a google search.. but I keep coming up against the same thing all the early dates are great..  then you get that period when the person is too young to be revealed on the internet..

OMG.. and then I have found that I think I belong to one of the most forward thinking family history societies as i have recently had the joy of contacting two different societies/ organisations regarding doing some research for me and both times I have got told ... We are volunteers and it would either take too long for us to do or we don't do family history.. what is this ..... I have been so stunned..

I am so glad that our society is gathering our records to use for research. At least we get a request and have the ability to help others and over the next 12 months we will be able to provide a huge service.. but I go off track... so I am after information in Miriam Vale.. and now the only option I have is to travel to Agnes Waters Museum and see what I can find..

If I had the time then it would be great... So at the moment I think I will stick to what I can do on the internet and then may have to go on a trip...

/Oh and doing is the geneajig is definitely my thing lately.. as I was doing some new family that I had no idea existed.. and wow if I didn't find out that the mother - Isabell Graham is related to Hugh Graham from Marianna Station in the Wide bay.. it is so cool when you can connect a pioneer with your family..

So back to the King family for tonight.. enjoy

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Its a been awhile.

WOW.. I have so much to tell you.. I have been on a journey of discovery.. Where to start.. okay firstly I think I may have told you about meeting a distant relative of mine that wanted me to do the King family tree..

We got started on that and have been delving into the records to find the famly and I have found so many new names and people that its amazing.. then we went off to Hervey Bay on a trip of history and met another distant relly called Keith.. and what a goldmine of information that has been...

Keith is one of those blokes that sits and tells the most amazing stories in an arty kinda way and his voice is quite melodious when he talks yet formal.. and he revealed so many people and things that I knew nothing about..

I love seeing that Ancestry add now where it says I have a pub in my family.. well knock me over I have 2 that I have found unfortunately they are both many years gone now but it is so cool to think we had pubs in a family of Irish Cops..

One of them was the original Urangan Pub in Hervey Bay..

There are stories of murder mayhem, accidental shootings and many exciting journeys around the country side. The sad part of the family tree is there is one of Tom Kings brothers who died in West Australia in 1924 in the Kimberley's on Glenroy Station. He is buried there and had a missus and son.. so my huge thing is to find out what happened to them. 

Nathaniel died in a brawl with a guy called Bunchem up Gardener - who there is some fasscinating stories about him on the internet. 

I have been trying to get into do all the information sitting waiting to enter on the Wieckhorst family and the Collett line.. I need 4 of me to keep up with all the information coming in.. and then on top of it I am trying to put a book together on the Kings... aaaaagh..

OH NEARLY FORGOT.. I decided after using Roots Magic website I needed something a little more complex so have been in the process of updating my private website and have uploaded allmy family tree and photos, documents etc to a genealone site... and it is totttallly amazing to use. I still use Roots Magic on the computer and at the same time double the information up on the website.. 

And its awesome because it is private so I have to give you access to the site and it means all of the precious things I have been given by family members remains private and yet we can share and laugh about some of the stories on there.. 

Well better get back to it till next time... Happy Hunting...

If you know anybody that can help with some of my mysteries or have any information that may fill in the gaps.. please contact me.. :)

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Twists, turns and bumps

TOO MANY PROJECTS.. I have so many projects on the go at the moment but there is definitely one saving grace.. Roots Magic.

With so many sites to gather information from we tend to not check things properly and funnily enough today we have Thomas born in 1485 yet his mother died in 1480.. so he was born 5 years after his mother died.. and I did a double check on multiple pages on Ancestry.. yes I know its not the best for that kind of thing and every family tree on Ancestry has the same mistake.. ouch...

I will have to investigate that further.. then after a member of our family mentioning a wrong date on a death what I have is different from the headstone.. it brings up that painful discussion on what record is right..

I have had the unfortunate adventure of doing death records locally and found that I can get one name from the local govt records, another from State govt records and a different one again from the headstone.. so who do you believe...

If only our ancestors realised we would be plowing through these records hundreds of years later to try and piece together a story so we can write the history for the next generation they may have ensured better records worked for us..

WRITING HISTORY... my books on the King family are coming together nicely and this week I am going to catch up with Larry again to have another go at his records and memory.. the stories are so interesting as he lived in a time I missed out on and so I am learning so much about my family and who was who and the social statuses and casting out of family definitely has been an eye opener..

I have made a major decision in the book and put the rumours/myths and legends in too as there are way too many coming in to play that are bloody hilarious and so insanely out there that they could not be real.. but how would the tables be turned if I found out any of them are true....

Well back to the cave of mystery till later... enjoy :)

Thursday, 10 March 2016

All the best intentions.. just run out of steam..

I have said time and time again I will write every day but the day gets away and by the end of it I am so brain dead I have no idea what I have done for the day..

I must admit part of my slackness comes from having too much fun in the past, and finding some of the most amazing things about people and families.. that I put my head up and the time is gone..

What have been doing with myself.. well I have been given so many gold mines of info lately on different parts of my family that I have discovered a few more rellies hidden in the wood work and some not that far out of my own home town. And this is awesome when your trying to put together the pieces that you have had dangling around your neck for ever and ever.

My Great Great Great grandfather Tom King had a very interesting life but the meeting of Larry a distant rellie has made Toms life a hell of a lot more interesting.. I first spoke to Larry on the phone to ask if I could take over his box of stuff and sort through it. He was so excited that somebody wanted to do the story on the King family that I must admit I got caught up in his enthusiasm and then he says "Why don't you write a book".. I though OMG where would I start..

Then low and behold I find an article on Toms grandson and after a little reading discover a whole new family out there that are a mystery to us.. so where to from here I will contact them and see if we can join forces to put together the history of that part of the family.

Another tragedy of beliefs and societies standards that has caused rifts in the family

Life throws some amazing things we definitely take for granted.

Then on my journey of paper I discovered what I would have thought was the shortest enlistment in the Military in all time.. James enlisted on the 16/3/1916 and was discharged on the 23/5/1916... the missus had 5 kids at home and couldn't cope so she wrote to the Australian Defence Force asking for him to come home.. amazingly enough she had 4 boys and 1 daughter and the boys all ended up enlisting in WWII and did their full terms.

And if I was not so brain dead I would remember all the very cool things I have found recently but until tomorrow.. I will tell you more..

Friday, 26 February 2016


When I started all these projects I set up piles and piles of paper to sort through then overloaded my poor laptop with all this info..

Why oh why do we do this to ourselves and our computers...

I think if I started another project I would defintely do it differently and at the moment my floor lines up with unfinished projects, and there is stuff in the bookcases to sort but it will all happen in good time.

Organising your research is so important and some of the things I have done to make life easier include..

* Folder for each persons media objects
* All items are clearly named including date of article
* Folders for each book I am writing
* Piles in a line on the floor of stuff that is labelled to work through
* As I finish each item I do something with it.. not put it in an new pile.
* A very special folder on my laptop labelled OMG no idea .. and this is for the stuff I want to come back to...

I would love to know how your organise your research and keep it all flowing... well back to it..

Happy researching..

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


I remember sitting over Christmas and thinking this year will be awesome as I will get some time to focus on my family history and to finish some of it ready to be able to show others.. well that went out the door rather rapidly. 

I have been flat out with projects that don't seem to be getting me anywhere.. first 

MDFHS BIG M .. this girl is coming along beautifully and we got a new computer just to put the database on so now its a matter of cleaning everything out to put into the database so we will have the most extensive network of local research at our fingertips... The bonus in this is that I have found so many hints, photos and extras for my own tree as I have gone along that it has been a great research tool for me. 

We will be getting ready to launch it soon.. soooo excited. 

COLLETT tree.. we discovered recently that there were a couple of errors in the early tree and thankfully got that fixed before having to edit too many people.. now its a matter of filling the tree with information... 

Where to start with that is always a drama .. so I am enlisting the help of other Collett researchers/family to see if they have any of the missing people.. 

WROE/SCHWARZROCK TREE.. Welll OMG.. has that taken some unexpected turns.. I was recently lucky enough to come across a distant relative who gave me a box of things to sort through that relate to Thomas O I King ( my GGGrandfather) and I am discovering a whole new set of rellies and info.. He has asked that I put it into a book when I am finished.. and so this will be my hair pulling project at the end of the data collection.. 

But then I also made contact with Ross who is on my Dads side and we are on a data swap.. and that is mindblowing.. I didn't know 3 years ago that any of these people ever existed and am having such a ball discovering them... 

And my blog has missed out badly over the last couple of months but I have had so much time with my head in the computer learning new skills and now I am looking at where and how my trees are uploaded to and how I can make them more user friendly and how to turn my blog into a more  interesting format.. **huge sigh** more computer learning.. but till next time... 

Stay tuned.. and keep digging you never know what gem you will turn up..