Thursday, 8 October 2015

Oh Whata Feeling

What a week I have had, don't know about you but this one has been a mind blower for me.. :)
I have survived landslides, earthquakes, tears, hysteria and tremors to come out the other end smiling at the end of the week..

To round up an amazing week I realised how cruel parents can be to their children.. some of the names you read totally make you sit and think wow what drugs were they on when that poor child was born.. but the winner of the family history cup today is....

GLYNDON CHAMPION (then Surname) 

I don't know about you but I will admit when I was pregnant I would say the unborns names that I had chosen in every way to see if they would get a cruel nickname or it would be shortened to something horrible.. I felt sorry for this guy.. it would be harder if he worked in the racing industry. 

Anyways ... before I get myself into trouble.. 
BIG M .. has survived another week and is now on the way to being the most amazingly comprehensive set of records stored in any one place on the Fraser Coast.. 

COLLETT PROJECT.. has had an nice input of names and extras.. details filled in and more of the Aussie history added.. we have the biggest country but the most amazing assortment of people in it that make up the fabric of this great place. 

WROE/SCHWARZROCK PROJECT.. Well I am still pounding through my Grandfathers side.. and discovering the stories and lives behind the Hunters... okay I am just plain out discovering who they are and where they fit in... it is like Christmas to me.. 

ONLINE STORE.. I have worked on my online store today and ordered some stock for it.. and signed up for the online auction sites.. I am quite nervous haven't done it for a long time hopefully won't take long to get back into the swing of it.. 

So thats my week in a round up.. 
Have a brilliant weekend.. might even catchya then.. :)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Time flies when your having success

You will remember my disaster of the other day with the database landsliding well we have found a way to stop it.. after much deliberating and lack of sleep I have found a solution.. and the week is progressing beautifully..

BIG M _ Maryborough Family History.

As I might have mentioned one of our amazing members was taking some time off due to family stuff and I had stepped in to try and help out as the acting Secretary.. well that was a bit of a disaster but we survived and nothing broke in the meantime.. she is back bit by bit and I am so happy to see her as it gives me more time to focus on the Big M .. :)

The Big M when we first started it was gonna be a little database where we could keep all the local records for anybody doing their family research and then it outgrew its pram and got bigger and bigger till now it is basically 12 databases all coming together in one place. Now I am no computer tech.. but OMG have I developed some amazing skills recently but it is such a passion I knew I could find a soloution just had to sit and take a deep breath. .. so it is back on track and flowing along nicely..


Because the Big M crashed my whole world I have been a bit slack here but am back into this too so have added some new details and I think my focus now is to make sure everybody has all their births, deaths and marriage dates in place and to fill in the gaps for a little while then we will see what is the next step.. maybe with Cathy's help we will work out how to publish it into hard copy.. mmmm


This project keeps amazing me as I find new relatives I didn't know existed or there are family members out there that grew up in Maryborough and I didn't know they were related.. so this will just keep growing.. When I first started doing my tree it was how far do I go. well I have decided to ensure the immediate family is as complete a story as can be and then I will keep adding as I go. I will eventually end up with a Wide Bay Family tree that will include everybody ever born here and we will have a local version of Ancestry.. right in our own back yard... oops better not say that out  loud somebody may take the idea away from us.. :)

And then finally to top my week off I am looking at starting an online business with some really cool gear in it.. not family history related but we will be selling online only.. I know I have enough on my plate but I have been tossing the idea about for ages then Wayne came up with a supplier and so it is off on another adventure.. so stay tuned for that development..

Till next time have fun and happy hunting

Monday, 5 October 2015

Well it was nearly a sinking ship

Well the long weekend has happened, daylight savings has started, all the footy finals are over.. .and then DISASTER STRUCK..


I have been having a great old time building the database, and adding headstone pics, stories, obituaries etc to the database thinking I still have heaps of room to expand.... then BOOM.. the whole thing became unstable. A little like the landslide at Inskip Point recently my whole world crumbled around my ears.. . so I went into disaster recovery mode.. compact, repair, shut and reopen.. and BOOM another chunk of land slid away..

So I slunk away to help my partner quote a job and then reapproached the computer in full stealth mode... opened the database and eventually it opened and i went to add a picture and DOUBLE BOOM.. the whole bloody island slid into the sea.. so off to watch a bit of Hercules on TV.. a big chunk of chocolate and coffee and in near tears admitted my problem to Wayne..

He told me to sit down and look at what we had talked about when I started building it.. that eventually I would need to split it up and resort it.. so I thought yep I can do this.. rolled a cigarette, got another coffee and started... I know your waiting for the total landslide thing but NOPE... success.. it will take me a couple of days to reset up all the dashboards but I DID IT... rebirthed the Big M for the 5th time and we are off and racing again... just in time for Bathurst .. :) :)

So I am back to remaking front pages.. enjoy your Monday ....what would I do without the calm actions of a man who doesn't use computers but can see what needs doing... :)

Thursday, 1 October 2015

A tale of mystery, sadness, and a picture that tells a thousand words

Well another week has flown by and I have been madly indexing and researching.. since I last wrote on here I have proceeded to continue on my spree of cleaning and tidying up info in all my projects then WHAM BAM.. along came another thread of an interesting project to look into.


I am trying to get the next cemetery tour programme underway as our regular Queen of the Tour is taking some time out and so I have been trying to go through my stuff to find some interesting stories to tell.. now I am going to hope to all ends that she will be back to do this tour because 2 of the celebrities are in K section in the cemetery.

Why you ask does it matter they are in K.... well for me it is the section that I know sits at the top corner of the cemetery and it does not matter how many times I prepare my self I lose the whole section.. we can walk the same track in the dark that we did in the daylight and yet I can guarantee every time it will just plain hide from me and when I give up trying to find it.. It magically reappears.. you may laugh but its pretty frustrating to have 1000+ people dissapear on you.. mad or not..

The Big M is coming along nicely.. this week some of the stories I have read are :
* the man who the police were searching for to arrest .. but who was lying drowned between 2 boats in the river
* the young lad gathering timber on the railway line who didn't hear the train coming.. and the gory details of how the pieces were collected and taken home to Howard for a funeral.
* stories about the young and old and some very interesting ones.. ones that make you realise that without these amazing people Maryborough would not exist..

So we are currently adding headstones and the last of the death records to the index and hopefully will be finished them by the end of next week time to move onto something else...


I am slowly moving with this now as i am going through the families and filling in the info that is missing.. it is so hard to find surnames sometimes but I will perservere and hopefully we can fill up the missing spaces.. the main players are in but again I have so many pages and files to sort through who will be next on the interesting links.


Well I started the research off today by finding my 1st cousin 6x removed.. that is a bit of a stretch but cool to find her picture ..

Isn't it just a gorgeous photo of Ann Orpen 

So I am back to the back breaking work of sorting records.. have a brilliant weekend and happy hunting..