Thursday, 10 September 2015

To do or not to do...

Woweee. what a couple of weeks.. I seem to be out constantly chasing appointments and have not had a good week on the computer and boy am I having withdrawals... so I got back into the indexing and research today. 

I must admit I had an amazing clean up on Monday.. I shifted all my piles around and went from 5 to 3 piles but they do look so much cleaner and tidier.. 

So now my mission for next week is to finish all the obituaries for the Big M project .. which is so hard as you end up reading most of them but I have found some amazing stories on people buried in the Maryborough Cemetery that I have passed on to our tour organiser. 

You have no idea of how many interesting people it takes to build a city until you sit and read their life stories and back in the day they had a habit of writing obits. in the newspapers which was awesome unfortunately they don't do it anymore and you lose all that really cool history. 

So I will be working through them to finish next week then off to something else. The Society is getting ready to release the Big M and it is going to be such an asset to researchers I myself test run it regularly by looking up info. I am looking for and its neat having it all in one place. 

The Collett Project. 

I printed out a missing info list and my first priority there is to find all the missing surnames funny how the womens surnames are so hidden from sight and they are just called Mrs So & So.. There are only 42 surnames to come.. :)

The Wroe/Schwarzrock Project. 

I am printing out a missing info list on that too and will be chasing up missing info. then I will be able to go to the next stage but I want to do a little tidying up. I have found a whole pile of info on Boonooroo so I think I might start putting that together too will make for interesting reading.. and some of the local newspaper articles that outline the history of Boonooroo and its residents.. 
Well its the weekend again so have a brilliant weekend and until next time.. 

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  1. Just discoverd your blog. Love your bright and breezy style.