Monday, 31 August 2015

A sad tale to tell

Well it is Spring tomorrow so the sun will shine, the birds will sing and I will hopefully get back into it after a week off sick... Definitely suffering withdrawals from my database and research but tonight sat down to do some Obituaries and came across a sad story about a young lad who died in horrible circumstances in Maryborough. Obituaries are so sad but you learn so much about people and their lives that its such a shame we don't have them in the newspapers anymore.. so if your researching your family don't forget to check the newspapers as back in the day the newspapers wrote the most amazing stories about people and their lives.

1916 – May 22 – A fearful and fatal accident on Saturday befell a promising young Granville resident, in the person of Charles David Hume, through a gas explosion. The young man resided with his parents in Wolsely Street, Granville, and was 17 years of age. He had been employed as a clerk in the Railway Department, and was of an inventive turn of mind. The house in which he resided is on high blocks and underneath he and his brother (Donald William) had a model gasometer, constructed out of two ordinary oil drums. About half-past 9 o’clock on Saturday morning the deceased was working at this gasometer, when his mother and sister heard a severe explosion underneath the house. The mother sent her daughter to ascertain the cause and she returned with the information that an accident had befallen Charlie. The mother immediately proceeded to the scene and found her son unconscious and bleeding freely, his face being covered in blood. No one was with him at the time of the occurrence, and it cannot be said exactly how the explosion occurred. Dr Farmer and the Ambulance Brigade were communicated with and arrived with all despatch. The unfortunate young man was taken to St Mary’s Private Hospital, where he was attended to by Drs Le Garde and Farmer, but he never regained consciousness, and passed away about 2 o’clock. Dr Farmer gave a certificate that death was due to injuries to the head, fracture of the base of the skull, and cerebral concussion. The shocking occurrence aroused widespread sympathy for the suddenly bereaved family.
The body was taken to his parents’ residence at Granville, and the funeral will leave there at 10.30 this morning. His brother, Donald William, will arrive here from Newcastle by the early morning train. Messrs Kirk and Son have charge of the funeral arrangements.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Snake Bite, Windows and Back to front names....

While going through old files this morning I came upon a cure for snake bite which I thought was quite inventive..

And I took the plunge over the weekend and upgraded to Windows 10... I sat with fingers and everything else crossed after my little adventure into upgrading to Windows 8 to 8.1 which was a total disaster... BUT WAIT FOR IT.. I have done the upgrade and so far everything is working. 
The only downfall is there is no way of getting diggers indexes to work now so thank you for another computer that I havent' upgraded with... 

If you trying to use Diggers and it won't work on anything prior to Windows 10 then you will need this cool conversion program. DIGGERS CONVERTOR

And after a grand morning of converting and adding to the collections for the Society and spending half the time reading the articles.. I am still not finished that section but having a ball with the information I have found.. then I was off doing some more updates for the Collett project when I was having great drama finding a womans death and marriage.. and slap me stupid the woman was born Margaret Elsie and on her marriage and death certificates she has Elsie Margaret.. who would ave thunk it... 

So I currently only have a couple of missing ones that don't seem to exist or have the strangest habits with names.. but I will solve the mystery somehow.. so its back to the den of mystery till next time..

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Woweeeee where did the time go..

How time flies when your having fun... well the time has flown this week and as for getting organised.. I did get around to cleaning my desk.. I now have only 4 piles.. 
1. for the bin
2. Filing
3. Family History 
4. To deal with... 

So it ended up a paper shuffle after all that.. but it may enthuse me to deal with it a little further.. so the week was all over the place with time spent on my own family tree, the Collett Project, the Hansen project ( for one of our Society Members) and the Database for the Society. 

I did thoroughly enjoy the link on facebook over names the other day if you missed it  you can read it here.. Unusual Names in History 

One of the funniest things I find in family history is how you can be going along fine then all of a sudden nothing makes sense and it may take an hour or it may take a month then the whole lot comes together .. we had a moment in history recently when my co - project worker and I were discussing a woman who we thought might have been a relative but who worked out to not be.. just blew the whole circle out because this woman Jemima had a son who believe it or not was married to my Mums cousin so it worked out we are related I believe in a second way.. how many times can people be related through various routes...?????????

Australian history is such a fascinating subject and in my free time I like to read Australian books and found the most amazing book recently that gives you the best insight in to immigration into Australia and how it changed over the years and how that related to the economy and industry of Australia... if your looking for it it is called Kings In Grass Castles by Mary Durack. It is available through Google Books and quite a fascinating read.. 

Well its back to the grindstone before the day dissapears over the horizen.. Have a brilliant weekend.. I am on duty at the Maryborough Family History Society ( upstairs) if your looking for something to do Saturday afternoon.. if not till next time.. :)

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Help I am drowning

I have had the longest week this week just digging around in records, trying to clean up files and creating new files for the Societies database.. and I feel like I am drowning in records.. so this week my focus is on cleaning up the last of the records, storing what I need and don't need and deleting the rest.. yes I said deleting.. 

How do you store your files and keep track of where your up to. There are so many alternatives and cloud servers out there that we can use and it is great but the other day I decided to empty a hard drive onto my laptop to start sorting records and wham bam thank you ma'am the computer was bogged down.. 

And then to top it off I had it sychronised with Google Drive and then had to wait until over 2500 files uploaded. So the hint I learnt last week is 

1. Upload everything you want to work from and archive to your cloud server. 
2. Set everything up in folders for easy reference. 
3. Download the folder you want to work on. 
4. When finished delete the local copy .. ( IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER) is to make sure the cloud server is disconnected ( or you will delete the cloud copy tooo)
5. When finished with a folder download another and repeat the same steps.. You can then see where your working from. 

Another great hint I learnt after much mucking around if your working on any form of project that requires you to import a spreadsheet that has dates set up in it the easiest form to do that is in .csv format. It keeps the dates as is and you can quite easily import into any project. 

Well this week I have set my self 3 goals
1. Clean up my desk
2. Finish the files on my laptop 
3. Sit in the sun find a good book and take time out.. 

Till next time happy hunting.. :)