Friday, 26 June 2015

Loong week...

Today is Saturday and I have missed being on my Family History run over the last couple of days.. they say its addictive well I can definitely say it is.. I have had lots of spare time over the last couple of days but just couldn't access my computer and have been feeling withdrawal effects hugely.. 

On a brighter note we have received some extra copies of the book Shipbuilding at Walkers Ltd. Go to here to check it out 


Details the construction of 34 vessels for the RAN and presents a pictorial history of the ships built, with full statistics of each ship.

It offers a good insight into the development of diversified shipbuilding in Australia, and records the efforts of the highly skilled tradesmen to produce these ships..

Cost of the book is $30.00 and if you would like to order a copy then send a message through the CONTACT US form

We have had a huge pile of Plantation information come in from our amazing researcher Marlene.. if you want to see how busy we have been why not check out 

Monday, 22 June 2015


Well what a mad couple of days... I am so grateful I have a pretty cool view from my office window because it feels like my butt is glued to the office chair.. and the fingerprints from tightly gripping the desk in frustration all melt away when I look out the window..

Today the clouds are rolling in but I am on a win.. What have I been up to.. well with the amazing amount of technology I have been working with a couple of amazing ladies on the Collett Family Tree and am finally seeing the end of the tunnel with the tree.

I have gotten the bulk of the info into Roots Magic and am now going through and fixing up dates then WHAM.. up goes the brick wall.

We have an Ernest Balfour "aka Budd" Collett and an Ernest Budd Collett.. are they the same, or are they different.. well after lots of toing and froing we discovered they are 2 different blokes then along came Brian J Collett..

Again same thing 2 blokes, 10 years the difference in age but then again human error creates lots of drama and they both were military men... who died where and whom did they belong to.

After a fitful nights sleep I finally put their dates into perspective and fingers crossed have sorted them out.. One Brian J Collett is definitely ours.. the other we just have to keep digging..

Then to top off the brick wall of the century.. my Great Grand father Hunter worked on a dairy and there is a photo of my Grandma sitting on a horse at the dairy and we don't know anything about this episode in their lives.. so it has been sitting there like a box of chocolates just waiting to be unwrapped.
Marlene ( one of the Societies Researchers) has been helping us with the Plantation Blog and she came across some info on Tilston Dairy  and I was so happy this morning when I found an advert for the sale of the property, then I was able to go through the old map photos I have and found the land that the dairy would have been on originally. 

Now for anybody that lives in Maryborough that would be approximately where Canning Park is in Granville.. which was apparently about 4 miles from the Granville Ferry.. 

This is a huge breakthrough and I am so happy to finally have opened the box of chocolates to find this gem of info... 

This is definitely what Family History is made of... all the hours of persistance pays off for just a little gem like this.. 

Well I am off now to start trying to write a book.. yeah I know stop laughing it will happen.. 

Till next time.. Keep Smiling. :)

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Thank God its Friday

WOW... what a week.. I decided this week to work exclusively on the database for MDFHS... and I have been flat out with it spending endless hours typing, cutting and pasting. 

I am soooooo happy as it is actually coming to gether and I think will be a huge asset to the society when its finished.. 

I KNOW YOU ASK WHYYYYY.. well we will have every ounce of information in one place on every possible resident of the Maryborough and surrounding areas... we have school records, family collections, newspaper extracts, obituaries, references to books we have in the rooms, photos, shipping lists, rates extracts, house names and descriptions, info on properties they owned and everything else we can find that relates to local people.

It is quite exciting as it is coming together..but I am so mind numb and am looking forward to a couple of days away from it... 

But like most historians ( wanna be's like myself) I get easily distracted and the newspaper articles have had me totally absorbed..

I have read about some of the most interesting things and the most horrifying things..

The woman who died and left a fortune as a brothel owner.
The woman who married this guy then her brother who worked for her husband was killed 2 days later.

The children that lost their lives in horrible ways.. drownings, death by fire, lost in the bush never to be found again.

Murder, deaths by stabbing, shooting ( oh and it was accidental) DEATH BY IRONING.. yes you read it right.. and the funniest 2 were.. the man who died by being blown off the hay and the poor bloke who died as a result of his pet goat head butting him into the fire... AHHHHH right..

I am hoping to spend the rest of the day typing, cutting and pasting as next week I would like to get back into finding hints for you on great things I use, and I found a cool site I need to delve into I do think called. Australian Cemeteries..

Till then have fun and watch out for the goat and the iron...

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sunday Relaxing by the beach...

Well what a week.. we got the website up and running for Lee & Leesa

I have updated all the records on the Collett family that are my Ancestors and they are ready to fill in the gaps.. that has been a huge effort of over 400 years of records but it has been such an exciting journey for me. 

I have learnt so much about South Australia and a part of my Heritage I didn't know existed..  
Malcolm Ross Collett 

I have new records, some amazing people and so many new additions to my family tree it is totally amazing.. 

So this week I am back on to building the database for the Maryborough District Family History Society.. so it will be heads down a** up again as my goal this week is to be able to hand it back as a usable item that the Society can use for its research and make life easier... 

While I am sitting here typing up and sorting extracts from newspapers I found a reference to an interesting story in 1879

Mrs. ------, who kept a house of ill-repute, has died recently, leaving £80,000 to relatives.  To quote – “The wages of sin must tot up pretty well nowadays”. I think I will have to go in and find the story to give us the name of the lady who died that rich.. 

Although there are some funny things you read, it is also so sad how many children were born then died quickly in the late 1800's. Mothers must have been such strong women to cope with the birth then death, then birth then death.. what a sad repeating circle...

Monday, 8 June 2015


Well how time flies when your having fun... I didn't realise it had been so long since I had written anything on here.. must have gotten lost somewhere between Game of Thrones episodes, dentist visits and data entry.. 

Today I am prepped and ready to go for a huge day of adventure and mayhem.. my son Lee and his mate Leesa are setting up a new business on the Sunshine Coast doing photography so I am going to set up a website and bits for them... Biggest dilemna - Blog versus Website.

So I am going to do this blog as a long one during the day so you can bear the pain and misery with me.. :) 

No it won't be that bad I promise.. actually I think a blog in Dynamic view might be pretty cool to try, I have been researching this morning and there are some pretty cool variations out there.. 

So stay tuned I will be back shortly need to go and do a couple of things. 

If your thinking of doing a blog yourself or use Google Blogger for a website I will list the steps I do here just for your reading... 

1. I went into Go Daddy to buy a domain name so they would have their own website address but we are going to use Blogger to put the info together. 
2. Then I went in and set up a Google account and that gave me the blogger to work with.
3. Then I started the blog, hooked it up with Pinterest and away we are going. 

We have to wait a little while till the domain is published but here is what i have done on the blog so far. 

Yes indeed they have a www. address.. that is so exciting isn't it... 
So now its time for a coffee and a break while we wait for the domain name to be set up.. 
Thinking though I might change how this blog displays on a roooooolllll this morning..