Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Begat... Befuddled....Begone...Bepaged...

I am sitting here trying to get some work done on one of my projects to see if I can complete something as I tend to allocated 1/2 hour to each project daily and although I am looking very busy its just not getting anything completed. 

So I decided to spend the whole day on one thing only and today its the Collett Family tree.. 

And I am trying to put mountains of info into some sort of order that will make sense to the reader and I kept coming across the term "Base Born"... so then decided to do the norm.. 

GOOGLE SEARCH... well wish I hadn't, I found the following description 

 Most vicars and curates recorded illegitimate baptisms in the registers by adding such words as "base born", "born in fornication", "natural daughter/son", "bastard child" or, should the parents subsequently marry, "begat of fornication outside of wedlock". These clerks would often show their disgust in the way they completed the register, ignoring the columns and just scrawling across the page. Some were more subtle and just recorded the mother's occupation as "spinster". 

That is so disgusting that a man of the cloth could decide they have the right to write that in an official document. 

If you want to read more on this go to : Burbage terms

COLLETT family tree... well we are finally coming together but I think an Index is now in order as there are so many in the tree starting at the 1600s to today so its getting so big but very interesting.. so sad though as to how many ancestors had large amounts of children but the poor women lost so many children in childbirth or shortly after.. it is such a sad reminder of how hard times were... 

Sweet thoughts till next time 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Updating more Family Names

Time flies when you overload yourself with way tooo many projects so today I am updating the family profiles and the following ones are ones I have added to today. 












Wow finally finished the list so all the pedigree charts are up to date now to fill in the interesting bits for you... 


I was going through Chronicle extracts for 1863 this morning and there were 4 items which took my interest.. 

John married Mary on the 29th March 1863 and on 31 March 1863 Charles ( Mary's brother) who was employed by John was accidentally DROWNED... suspicious or not.. mmm 

William and Mary got married on the 13 March 1863 and the first child was born on the 17 Dec 1863 exactly 9 months and 4 days .. what a wedding night that must have been... or was there hanky panky afoot.. 

See Ya on the Flip side


Jane Kenney is the person we are tracing Jane went onto having quite a large family..

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Just shoot me nooooow!

I have started this blog 4 times over and its because I think my head is like that at the moment. As you may know I am a member of the Maryborough District Family History Society and I do alot of their computer work and am trying to build an index for them.. 

Well stupid ole me.. I went in on Wednesday to upgrade the computers to Office 365 and it was the most amusing yet frustrating morning as we got 3 of the 5 computers online and of course there had to be a glitch in one of them and it had to be the Secretary's computer.. and Margaret bless her heart was trying patiently to work on a new system glitches and all. 

So I have to back to the start with that one and do it again and see what the problem is but fingers crossed it won't be too major.

Then it was back to trying to do this database/index. We have a project called the Big M and it is supposed to be the place where you can go for finding info on your rellies in a user friendly manner and we have gathered so much info that we are builiding the index as we go.. My problem was the thing just keeps geting bigger and bigger and finding a way to make it all work is the biggest challenge of all..

You know when you know what you want to achieve but trying to put it into reality just don't happen. So I had mentioned using Microsoft Access to build a database and it was way out of my league to do but finding somebody to do this is even harder. Wayne ( my partner) of course has the ultimate faith in my abilities and he decided I needed to do some sort of course to do it myself. 

 There are so many courses online none of them designed for what I want ( the easy way out I know) but how to do them from scratch there is even a whole pile of videos on line. 

So I in my old age decided I could do this and set about watching part 1 of 12 vids. on how to. 

We all know how DIY usually ends up, I lost about 16 hours and deleted my work so many times as it just didn't happen then FINALLY.... I got it... 
So I went to bed with databases, tables and queries going round and round in my head and woke up this morning to work out the whole set out for the index. 

The bonus being that I have saved the Society a mountain of money, I have aged 10 years overnight but the baby will grow to full adulthood and be bloody brilliant. 

Then I was asked by a distant relative to help her with a Facebook group that is designed for the Collett descendants and I have been trying to work out how to put that together so everybody can read the info and utilise it.. well frustation reared its ugly head and it took me a while but I think I have it under way too.. So today as I am sitting writing this I really need to have 2 computers running and 2 sets of hands to bring all the projects forward.. 

Is this going to happen....NO... so I will just keep plodding along.. We love to see things happen and sometimes we need to step back before jumping in to do things unless we are prepared for total madness and hair pulling.. Me I love getting in over my head and learning something new.. :)

So till next time.. enjoy life... take every challenge that comes your way.... life would be boring otherwise. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Off in the land of paper...


Yes I know self praise is not really a true value of ones achievements but I am a champion because I have not hoarded one piece of paper for my personal family tree in just over 4 days and today I cleaned up my desk. 

Yes thats right I sorted and filed the trays, sorted the piles and now I sit here and look thinking what am I to do now . 

But I will admit I have piled my personal stuff into piles to resort as there is so many bits and I have to work out what to do with them. 

Then along comes a distraction like a facebook group I have been added to and I think to myself - where is that last will and testiment of the unknown Henry Collett. 

I accidentally purchased it and yet I don't know who it belongs to maybe I will post the details into the group and see if we can link him up somewhere.. 

I set my self a goal of 30 mins per task per day and the list is endless I have to do for example each day I try and complete the following.

1. Update and write in my blog 
2. Research and update another property in Plantations, Stations and Farms. 
    If you would like to read this one its at Plantations, Stations & Farms.
3. Do more family history for me
4. Sort out at least 10 Floppy disks
5. Type up old school records for the Big M database
6. Work on setting up the excel dashboard for the Big M 
7. Decipher old records and file them. 

The biggest problem with trying to do so many things in one day is all it takes is something you haven't seen before and your off in gaga land. 

Then today I have been receiving some input from an amazing researcher - Marlene, she has been gathering info for us on Plantations and if I can not find a name, family or plantation then she has been digging around and she sent me so much stuff in the last couple of days I now have to sort it. 

One of the best things she has sent me is the 1880's electoral roles out of the newspapers. they have some valuable information for the plantations blog in them but also we can check against our Rates notices to ensure we have these names already in there too.. and of course lost in information again. 

So now you know why I am such a dead head and always drifting from place to place but it is amazing how much you can get done in 30 mins. and the information builds and builds from there. 

Well till next time I had better go and sort some personal family history and then I have the floppy disks to try and open so HAPPY RESEARCHING... 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Monday Moves

I started the morning with a plan in mind, I have a to do list and was going to write about the article I read last night on Facebook that caused instant panic - "DropBox deleted my files"

So instead of going into panic mode this morning I decided to do a little research and investigate who does what and why. 

Google Drive, Live ( One drive) and Drop Box... 

How could we live without these cloud servers.  They store all our brilliant memories, pictures and vital information. But do they need to be backed up or something vital done with them. I don't think so.. the biggest thing with any of these servers is that mysterious button 

Yes indeed the Delete button has a lot to answer for.. 
If you delete anything off any of the above servers either on your computer or on the server itself it will Sync with the devices you use and delete them off there too. 

None of either Google, One Drive or Drop box will delete your files without your permission. They will notify you if you have an overload of files or need to free up space etc. 

USER ERROR______ is this not the most common reason why this occurs and when you start doing a google search on the problem the answers is the user has moved, deleted or disconnected a network drive this causes the data to be deleted. 


If you ever lose data on the above then there are methods for recovery. Firstly check the recycle bin on your computer then log into the relevant drive and check the recycle bin in there. It will be somewhere and each server has a method for file recovery. Google search this too... 

I know I breathed easy when after doing some research found that my data is safe and there are a few precautions we must take to ensure nothing is ever lost. 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Weekend Contemplation

Another week is about to start and whilst watching a show on British Monarchs  I am thinking about what I am going to achieve next week.

Last week we spent the aafternon at the volunteers expo   and my office is not looking any cleaner.

So after   a huge week promting the society   I think I need to focus on my records and definitely digitise my records.

Do you set yourself  weekly  goals and lets look at ways I can help you   with your family tree.

So if you dont already   follow me on google+ then makr sure you click on the follow button.

Tomorrow I am going to pull out all my single pieces of paper  band set about digitising them - what are you going to achieve ???

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wednesday Tantrums & Madness

Remember we were talking about my goals for the week and I said I am on a cleaning spree.. well I have not gathered one new piece of paper in 24 hours, no new photos or information to store.. 

I have even started files as everything needs a spot to work from or an address.. 

So because my office is used for work, study , play I have a set of manilla folders on the desk. 
The first one being for family history ( mine) and it is labelled simply TODO.. that way when the file gets too big I will have to empty it. 

I have set up a personal TODO folder too with the same sort of thing in in. Now some of this stuff has dates to go with it and I am shocking at remembering things. 

So I stapled a piece of a4 paper to the front, and have listed the things in the folder that have a date on them, with the closest date on the top.. that way I can check it daily and then cross it out if it needs doing on that date. 

VOLUNTEERS EXPO.. We are going to be at the volunteers expo being held at Maryborough on Thursday 14th May I am looking forward to it. it will be a great chance to meet some new people and attract new blood into society, not that the group we have is not amazing and so much fun but we are always discovering new projects and looking for more people to help us... So if your at the expo tomorrow drop in and say hi.... 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Organised Chaos.. the motto of every family historian.

Ever start something then forget where your up to.. I have this habit I am sure I could now be called a hoarder. I gather pictures, pieces of paper, newspaper articles and then decide later on I will sort them. 

I read a post on facebook this morning that said to move ahead in life and achieve your goals you need to have tidiness.. 
* a clean desk, 
* organised to do lists
* a productively organised day
* an uncluttered mind.. 

So what do we do then.. we make a cup of coffee sit at the desk and think what a brilliant idea. But the mind wanders, you find a fascinating tale or a book you didn't realise you had and in my case.. it was time for my weekly session of GAME OF THRONES... 

Okay I know I am a lost cause but I have started the week off good, am cleaning up a little, getting things sorted and today added pages to my blog for each family ( well a few more anyways) 

To go directly to the pages we updated today go to the links below. 








I have put up the descendants pics and when we get the list finished I will start giving you info that I have and if anybody has anything to add to this then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I would love to hear from you. .. 

so the goals for this week are to clean up the computers, sort and file all my paperwork and get organised so I can move ahead with the next step in all my research projects... 

You can all stop smirking and laughing now .. I will achieve this without hoarding anything new this week.. you just wait and see drop back tomorrow to see how I am going.. till then.. have fun. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Its Friday again..

Yes indeed its Friday and only 2 p.m. as I sat down with a cuppa to write todays blog. The best part is I have the coolest view from my office windows looking out over the cane fields.. well okay their caneless at the moment but they are still empty paddocks and a great way to work.. 

I got an interesting email this morning from Microsoft.. do you use the Microsoft Office, like most of us but it can be expensive when you want to update to the newest version and yep there is a new release apparently about to come out. 

But I was stoked as we use Office 365 at home and there are a couple of bonuses to this. 
1. My subscription allows me to have 5 devices using the programs. 
2. If one device dies then I delete it and add another device. 
3. This gives me full access to the whole suite of programs. 
4. The updates are regular. .. 

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL.. We get the new version when its released as part of our subscription.. awesome I am excited. 

Your probably sitting there thinking yeah right and thats a huge cost that I can't afford, and you probably won't believe me when I tell you its worth about $12.00 per month. Yes its true - what a great investment for peace of mind, and having a teenager studying it ensures we can do anything across the different devices and it will still be the same format. 

You pay the money, download the programs and away you go.. the link below explains it all and if your on your own you can have a smaller package.. 


So on the technical side this afternoon I am going to work on my Excel dashboard some more and then try and open some more floppy disks to see what amazing things I can discover. .. I was reading a page the other day from the courts and a chap was fined for "aggressive driving" the old term for Road Rage.. 

The difference between the old days and now is the way the written word was done, I get so lost in the flourish of the writing and you can slip back into time so easily when they are describing something, not it is  so sterile and lacks oomph. 

Then after an hour or so of floppy disks I am going to try a new project, we recently found a whole pile of negative films in the Society Rooms and I have found a way ( thanks to Professor Google) to read and digitise the films so I am going to attempt it on some old negatives I found and see what happens... 

If your interested in trying this yourself this is the webpage I found that I am going to work from. Photo Scanning 

So check back in to see how it all goes and I will hopefully have success and be able to put some shots up for you.. 

Till we come out on the other side.. Seeya

Databases, Dashboards and Dazzled Blind...

Yes I know you saw the headline and thought OMG what what has she done today.. or what has she been doing that she would have a headline like that.. well its a little tale to tell. 

The Marborough District Historical Society is gettin with the times and we are digitising and indexing all of our records.. I know pretty amazing hey, and so when we started the project it didnt' sound that big... 

But with time and finding more and more records of all shapes and sizes which we have been so busy adding it has been my job to put it into a format that we can use. 

Now I have torn my hair out over this, bemoaned into many a cup of tea and already once during the pregnancy of this baby gutted it and redid it as it was in no way user friendly. 

So in the dark of night I decided if I could build a database then we would have a really user friendly ( I swear it would be really), and it would cope with growing at a huge rate... But Database you say Database.. what on earth is that and how is anybody going to use it.. well it didn't happen after many a video on youtube and how to pages this morning I decided that I just couldn't do it. 

Why .. because its way above my volunteer pay grade and I don't have the skills.. YES I am admitting defeat on the database... 

So back to the drawing board and WHAM... along came the Excel Dashboard. Now if you haven't seen a dashboard you need to do a google search and type in Excel Dashboards in images and up it comes.. 

They look something like this ...okay I was going to show you a picture but its just not going to happen something to do with my eyes going dazzled by sitting in front of the computer screen for way too long. 

So anyways if you go and have a look at Google Images they are awesome and I am not on a compulsive run to get them all together and we will have a main index page that will look like a webpage with all these super cool buttons to press and it will take you to new spreadsheets .. 

For the Society this is the next step to becoming the premier research centre in the Wide Bay and we will eventually have the largest repository of digitised records locally... Woohoo.. 

It has been a huge day today and another one tomorrow to finish some of the new MDFHS Dashboard.. ( yes it is defintely a V8 under the dash) finished so 
have a great night, and sleep tight I know I definitely will and I will catch you on the flip side. 

PS If you have a huge amount of files and would like to create a dashboard let me know and I can give you a hand... :)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Historical Technology Sucks..................

Yesterday I bought home a pile of floppy disks from the Research Rooms to add to our Inhouse Index. I was quite excited as these things are over 10 years old and so what they held was going to be a mystery.. 
For those of you who don t know what a floopy
is ... this is them

So I dropped Cheyenne at school and came thinking yep start extracting the info and save it to the hard drive we use for the Index then made a coffee and prepared for the fun. 

First couple were okay opened okay then saved and converted them. Started reading the titles thinking OMG if there is what I think is on there I will be in heaven... BUUUUUUUUUUUUT

Upon opening them there would be a list but no there would be the full family history on one of the most well known names in the Howard area.. inclusive of some local names we know.. 

So I would be extracting like mad and then I would find a format that wouldnt open.. I don't have the program and I am normally a fairly computer savvy person but this can be so frustrating.. after many curse words and the dog escaping with his tail between his legs I would save the files and move on to the next. 

On of the coolest things I have found with doing these things is you find some of the most interesting documents. Today I found copies of extracts of court notices, judges journals, short stories written about different things. But one of the ones that I found interesting was the 

Maryborough stands on the Mary River. (first named the Wide Bay River), which was discovered by Andrew Petrie in 1842.  The area was first thought to be good sheep grazing, and many of the first ventures were sheep farms.  The area has now become famous as a centre of the Timber Industry.

                Many other attempts were made to settle the area until about 1848 when there were a number of settlements along the river, including a wool store (1847), a store and inn (1848). Many men were engaged in the timber trade.

                With the arrival at the old township in 1849 of authority in the person of J.C. Bidwel, the coming of Police was inevitable.  Among the first settlers at this time was John Harwood who became the settlements first Constable.  His wife was the settlements first white woman, and his son and daughter were the first white children born here.  Harwood who was appointed in 1850, later left the force to become a mail carrier, he then rejoined to serve for twelve years with the mounted police.

                The settlement continued to grow and in 1849-1850 surveyor H.H. Labatt surveyed the area. In 1852 a police barracks and compound was established on the site of the present Town Hall.  Chief Constable McAdam was in charge with a detachment of mounted troupers.  They were responsible for the whole of the Maryborough, Wide Bay and Burnett area.

                In 1859 Maryborough was gazetted a Port of Entry (also year of separation of the Colony of Queensland).  Robert Bingham Sheridan arrived to be Chief Officer of Customs, Water Police Magistrate, Immigration Agent and Harbour Master.

                With the advent of separation on December 10th. 1859, first organised Police Force of Queensland was formed.  It consisted of three Lieutenants, eleven Second Lieutenants, nine Sergeants and one hundred and twenty Troopers.  These Troopers were uniformed in dark green trousers with red stripe, dark green shirts and black caps with red bands.

                Although Queensland was declared a separate Colony then, the newly formed Police Force still functioned under New South Wales legislation until a separate Police Act, applicable to Queensland was promulgated in 1863.  This Act took effect as from 1st January 1864.  In 1848 there was a Native Mounted Police Force, approved by the Colonial Government, recruited by Frederick Walker, then an Inspector of Police in the New South Wales Police Force.  A special tax was levied to maintain this force and it was disbanded seven years later.
                In 1857 a new concept was adopted, a mounted native police force for where aboriginals were troubling white settlers.  A detachment was stationed in Maryborough, their uniform black with a white topee.  They were trained in horsemanship and marksmanship and their ability as trackers was legendary.  One of their duties here was to watch over the doing of people of their own race especially those on walkabout, but they became arrogant bullies where their own people were concerned.

                After some of them committed a particularly nasty murder on the Tinana side of the river, an outrage witnessed by Magistrate Sheridan, the black troopers were moved out of town to a place at first called Police Camp, later Coopers Camp, and later still Owanyilla.  From there they supervised the wandering tribes of aborigines, hunted the desperadoes who held up coaches on the Gympie Road and also rode escort to the wagonette and coach which brought Gympie gold to Maryborough.  They were later transferred from this district.

                A census of 1851 showed 406 people in the Wide Bay and Burnett District.  By 1856 there were 641, and by 1860 there were 660 in Maryborough and 3,246 in the whole district.

                In 1860 the first Circuit Court held its hearings at the Fitzroy Hotel.  The town of Maryborough and District continued to grow at a fast rate.

                A watchhouse was built in 1863.  In 1864 the town had one Inspector, one sub-Inspector, one Sergeant and nine Constables.  The Police establishment grew to include offices, barracs, harness rooms, stables and yards, and an Inspector’s residence.  The first Police Commissioner for Queensland was D.T. Seymour.  Between 1862 and 1890,  21,000 immigrants landed in Maryborough.  Gold was discovered in Gympie in 1867.  James Nash reported the find in Maryborough on October 16th, and the town was idle within a week

                A Police Gold escort was established between Gympie and Maryborough on January 28th 1868.  A Sergeant Lloyd was the Officer in Charge of the first escort.  This escort was to run regularly every two weeks until 1869, and then it was run every month.  The first record kept of such escorts was in 1872.  During that year  47,578 oz. of gold was escorted for a fee of 1,098 pounds.

                In 1877 the Police compound was the scene of the execution by hanging of two kanakas found guilty of the rape and attempt murder of Mrs McBryde, whose husband was an overseer at Lindah Plantation.

                By 1879 Maryborough had grown to become the 2nd most important centre in the Colony (Qld).  A railway was connected to the town in 1881.

                On December 8th 1882 there was an application made to have the Police paddock at Maryborough fenced as land speculators were agitating to have the land open for sale.  At that time the reserve for the Police paddock was 84 acres fronting Walker Street.  (near were the Hospital now stands).  The Police District of Wide Bay was proclaimed in 1885.

                In 1886 anapplication was made for three water filters to be installed for drinking water at the Maryborough Station on the recommendation of the Government Medical Officer, as many of the men were going down with sickness as a result of drinking germ infected water.  Typhoid fever was prevalent.  As late as February 1914, there was a Constable Moloney who had to be removed from the Barracks at Maryborough to the Hospital suffering with Typhoid.

                In 1893 there were record floods in February and again in March.  The waters peaking above 40 feet.  It is a matter of records of the time that Police worked heroically day and night to rescue people and save lives.  The Mayor and citizens of Maryborough presented an illuminated address to a Sergeant King which acknowledged “The co-operation of your comrades in this rescue work”.

                Records of early Police in Maryborough were lost in these floods which also affected Police records in Brisbane.

                In 1901 the Municipal Council arranged a land exchange with the State Government which resulted in the site being occupied by the Police being made available for a new town hall and a reserve across the road being allocated to the Police.

                In 1908 a new Police Station was built in Lennox Street, replacing the the original Police Establishment built on the site where the Town Hall stands.  This station much altered and added to is still in use today.  Maryborough was still the District Headquarters for a large area and strength at that time was:            Maryborough 15 men: Bundaberg 6 men:             Hawkwood 1 man:  Gayndah 3 men: Yengarie 1 man:  Mt.Perry 2 men:  Gympie 7 men: One Mile 3 men:    Tiaro 1 man:  Kilkivan 1 man:  Gin Gin 1 man:    Nanango 2 men:  Noosa 1 man.

                In 1911 the Council handed over Traffic control to the Police.  Motor cars were making their appearance and horses were rearing and bolting at the sight of them.  There were many bicycles in use that they appeared to represent danger to life and limb.

                Local suburban stations at Newtown, Granville and Tinana were closed in  1961, radio patrol cars being substituted.
                The History of Police in the Maryborough area has played a large part in the growth not only of Maryborough, but the birth of a State, and has played its part in the growth of the Queensland Police Force.  One of the most notable of local policemen was Mounted Trooper, later Sergeant, Thomas King.  He joined the Queensland Mounted Police in 1867 at the age of 15 years.  He was stationed in the Wide Bay and Burnett District and was a member of the Gympie Gold Escorts.  As he grew older he became an outstanding Bushman and a tracker whose skill was of a degree rarely found in a white man.  One of the first exploits which brought him notice was the tracking through the bush for three weeks and the arrest of the Aboriginal thief and murderer Johnny Campbell at Tewantin in 1878.  ‘Black’ Campbell as he was known was hanged in Brisbane in August 1880.  When the Victorian Government requested trackers to help track the Kelly gang, King was sent with with black trackers from Frazer Island who had been named ‘Human Bloodhounds’.  Later Trackers used by the Victorian Government from Frazer Island  ‘Willie’ and ‘Jackie’, deserted from the Police post at Benalla in April 1891, and committed two murders in the Dora Dora area near Albury.  They became famous as the ‘Dora Dora Blacks’, and were hunted relentlessly.  They eluded their pursuers and returned to Queensland where King had looking for them.  ‘Willie’ was caught in Bundaberg by Sen. Const. Nat King, brother of Tom.  ‘Jacky’ fled but was later taken 60 miles north of Mackay on February 12th 1894 by both King brothers.

                Time has changed since the early days in the Maryborough District, the City has grown and industry has become established.  The motor vehicle has taken the place of the horse, but a Policeman’s job is still the same.  ‘The protection of life and property and the preservation of public tranquility and the absence of crime will alone prove if these efforts have been successful’.  These words were first quoted in 1828 by Lord Row, an early Police Commissioner in London, but they show that there has been very few changes in the work of a Policeman..


I did find today it is so hard to find a converter if your trying to open old files from Works to Office but I did find one extension that works great with WPS to Word files..  and if your looking for a program to extract Zipped files try Free ARC for old zipped files. 

So tomorrow we will see what pops out of the files and we are doing old photos so I will be able to update you on how to convert film to digital images.. Stay tuned. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

My face aches from laughing

The thing I realised today is what is important in a Family History Society and what makes research worthwhile. The group at the rooms today were an amazing group of ladies and we spent most of the day laughing and giggling over anything and everything. 

To share a coffee, and to share your life and its ups and downs, to be able to make a comment and get an overwhelming response is one of the most important things we should find when we come together for the same purpose. 

One of the things I most certainly enjoy the most would be the fact you can be sitting there trawling through books and records and all it takes is somebody to ask " What are you looking for " and the whole room galvanizes into action. Your mountain has just turned into a community anthill.... 

Family History research is definitely not limited to the old and weary, it is a mix of all ages, races, types that have the same purpose.. to get lost in history. 

Then to top off our brilliant morning we had a visitor to the rooms - Jodie is doing research into the fishing and its history in the Wide Bay area and poor Jodie was  mixed up in the laughter and jokes.. We did actually achieve some information that she was looking for and we told her some of the funny anecdotes on local families and some of  the juicy scandals that we knew.. 

A couple of us are distantly related by marriage so we I am sure looked like mischievous trouble when one of us related her family and how they were part of the pioneer history of the Wide Bay. But proud descendants we are and we will tell you our story anytime.. 

We are all volunteers and we love our job, we might not see each other every day of the week but we are like an extremely wierdly extended family. 

So when you decide to do your family history or want to join a group that has ancestry as an interest make sure you find one that is cool, fun, full of people with a sense of humour and a love of history and most importantly of all make you feel welcome.

What a day, what a day... when I first joined Maryborough District Family History Society  I was intimdated by the knowledge, and history that was floating around the rooms. 

Some of the members were like walking history books and I must admit I was a little concerned over ever asking for anything due to my lack of knowledge.. time has flown and 3 years later I would classify myself as one of those books of knowledge.. haha..