Monday, 23 November 2015

Lost in time

Wow how time  flies when your buried  in life it seems like years  since I wrote on here but it has been  but a few weeks.

Wondering where I have been well between giving my partner  a hand for 3 weeks in his  job which  involved traveling   to Western  Qld to a place called  Taroom,  writing off a car in a car accident, writing up cemetery   tour info and learning ans restructuring  our whole society   database   time has  slipped through my fingers

But we have had some amazing adventures  and  I know I tell my kids to live life   to the fullest so when your 40 you will have  stories  to tell.

Taroom ia an amazing  place and the history is interesting  there  is a huge  old tree in the main street  that apparently  was around when Leichardt was touring Queensland and leaving his mark. The tree originally  had Leichardts initials   engraved  into the trunk but somebody  decided  to cleanup the old bark on the tree and accidentally  removed  the initials. Yea I couldn't  help myself had to  look into the history  of the area.

Why your thinking   who cares....when you leave Eidsvold and travel the Cracow  rias your travelling through  some of the most unstable country  renowned  for earthquakes  and what on earth  would the  early pioneers have thought was  happening  whilst  sleeping  round  the camp fire and to be suddenly  woken by the ground  shaking madly beneath  them. I would believe first thoughts  may be cattle stampede.

Then as you get up toward Cracow there is a dirt  road that   will take you over to Taeoom and your travelling through dry country   with cattle really big cattle wandering  around and wild life   everywhere. At least you might not starve  but it would be so easy   to die from lack of water . I will admit as we were traveling over  what we call the badlands  my mind would wander back 100 years  and  try and imagine  what it was like for  our brave explorers.

So I hope we can share more  stories I  have to write a tale for our journal so I am off till next time happy   travels  

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Oh Whata Feeling

What a week I have had, don't know about you but this one has been a mind blower for me.. :)
I have survived landslides, earthquakes, tears, hysteria and tremors to come out the other end smiling at the end of the week..

To round up an amazing week I realised how cruel parents can be to their children.. some of the names you read totally make you sit and think wow what drugs were they on when that poor child was born.. but the winner of the family history cup today is....

GLYNDON CHAMPION (then Surname) 

I don't know about you but I will admit when I was pregnant I would say the unborns names that I had chosen in every way to see if they would get a cruel nickname or it would be shortened to something horrible.. I felt sorry for this guy.. it would be harder if he worked in the racing industry. 

Anyways ... before I get myself into trouble.. 
BIG M .. has survived another week and is now on the way to being the most amazingly comprehensive set of records stored in any one place on the Fraser Coast.. 

COLLETT PROJECT.. has had an nice input of names and extras.. details filled in and more of the Aussie history added.. we have the biggest country but the most amazing assortment of people in it that make up the fabric of this great place. 

WROE/SCHWARZROCK PROJECT.. Well I am still pounding through my Grandfathers side.. and discovering the stories and lives behind the Hunters... okay I am just plain out discovering who they are and where they fit in... it is like Christmas to me.. 

ONLINE STORE.. I have worked on my online store today and ordered some stock for it.. and signed up for the online auction sites.. I am quite nervous haven't done it for a long time hopefully won't take long to get back into the swing of it.. 

So thats my week in a round up.. 
Have a brilliant weekend.. might even catchya then.. :)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Time flies when your having success

You will remember my disaster of the other day with the database landsliding well we have found a way to stop it.. after much deliberating and lack of sleep I have found a solution.. and the week is progressing beautifully..

BIG M _ Maryborough Family History.

As I might have mentioned one of our amazing members was taking some time off due to family stuff and I had stepped in to try and help out as the acting Secretary.. well that was a bit of a disaster but we survived and nothing broke in the meantime.. she is back bit by bit and I am so happy to see her as it gives me more time to focus on the Big M .. :)

The Big M when we first started it was gonna be a little database where we could keep all the local records for anybody doing their family research and then it outgrew its pram and got bigger and bigger till now it is basically 12 databases all coming together in one place. Now I am no computer tech.. but OMG have I developed some amazing skills recently but it is such a passion I knew I could find a soloution just had to sit and take a deep breath. .. so it is back on track and flowing along nicely..


Because the Big M crashed my whole world I have been a bit slack here but am back into this too so have added some new details and I think my focus now is to make sure everybody has all their births, deaths and marriage dates in place and to fill in the gaps for a little while then we will see what is the next step.. maybe with Cathy's help we will work out how to publish it into hard copy.. mmmm


This project keeps amazing me as I find new relatives I didn't know existed or there are family members out there that grew up in Maryborough and I didn't know they were related.. so this will just keep growing.. When I first started doing my tree it was how far do I go. well I have decided to ensure the immediate family is as complete a story as can be and then I will keep adding as I go. I will eventually end up with a Wide Bay Family tree that will include everybody ever born here and we will have a local version of Ancestry.. right in our own back yard... oops better not say that out  loud somebody may take the idea away from us.. :)

And then finally to top my week off I am looking at starting an online business with some really cool gear in it.. not family history related but we will be selling online only.. I know I have enough on my plate but I have been tossing the idea about for ages then Wayne came up with a supplier and so it is off on another adventure.. so stay tuned for that development..

Till next time have fun and happy hunting

Monday, 5 October 2015

Well it was nearly a sinking ship

Well the long weekend has happened, daylight savings has started, all the footy finals are over.. .and then DISASTER STRUCK..


I have been having a great old time building the database, and adding headstone pics, stories, obituaries etc to the database thinking I still have heaps of room to expand.... then BOOM.. the whole thing became unstable. A little like the landslide at Inskip Point recently my whole world crumbled around my ears.. . so I went into disaster recovery mode.. compact, repair, shut and reopen.. and BOOM another chunk of land slid away..

So I slunk away to help my partner quote a job and then reapproached the computer in full stealth mode... opened the database and eventually it opened and i went to add a picture and DOUBLE BOOM.. the whole bloody island slid into the sea.. so off to watch a bit of Hercules on TV.. a big chunk of chocolate and coffee and in near tears admitted my problem to Wayne..

He told me to sit down and look at what we had talked about when I started building it.. that eventually I would need to split it up and resort it.. so I thought yep I can do this.. rolled a cigarette, got another coffee and started... I know your waiting for the total landslide thing but NOPE... success.. it will take me a couple of days to reset up all the dashboards but I DID IT... rebirthed the Big M for the 5th time and we are off and racing again... just in time for Bathurst .. :) :)

So I am back to remaking front pages.. enjoy your Monday ....what would I do without the calm actions of a man who doesn't use computers but can see what needs doing... :)

Thursday, 1 October 2015

A tale of mystery, sadness, and a picture that tells a thousand words

Well another week has flown by and I have been madly indexing and researching.. since I last wrote on here I have proceeded to continue on my spree of cleaning and tidying up info in all my projects then WHAM BAM.. along came another thread of an interesting project to look into.


I am trying to get the next cemetery tour programme underway as our regular Queen of the Tour is taking some time out and so I have been trying to go through my stuff to find some interesting stories to tell.. now I am going to hope to all ends that she will be back to do this tour because 2 of the celebrities are in K section in the cemetery.

Why you ask does it matter they are in K.... well for me it is the section that I know sits at the top corner of the cemetery and it does not matter how many times I prepare my self I lose the whole section.. we can walk the same track in the dark that we did in the daylight and yet I can guarantee every time it will just plain hide from me and when I give up trying to find it.. It magically reappears.. you may laugh but its pretty frustrating to have 1000+ people dissapear on you.. mad or not..

The Big M is coming along nicely.. this week some of the stories I have read are :
* the man who the police were searching for to arrest .. but who was lying drowned between 2 boats in the river
* the young lad gathering timber on the railway line who didn't hear the train coming.. and the gory details of how the pieces were collected and taken home to Howard for a funeral.
* stories about the young and old and some very interesting ones.. ones that make you realise that without these amazing people Maryborough would not exist..

So we are currently adding headstones and the last of the death records to the index and hopefully will be finished them by the end of next week time to move onto something else...


I am slowly moving with this now as i am going through the families and filling in the info that is missing.. it is so hard to find surnames sometimes but I will perservere and hopefully we can fill up the missing spaces.. the main players are in but again I have so many pages and files to sort through who will be next on the interesting links.


Well I started the research off today by finding my 1st cousin 6x removed.. that is a bit of a stretch but cool to find her picture ..

Isn't it just a gorgeous photo of Ann Orpen 

So I am back to the back breaking work of sorting records.. have a brilliant weekend and happy hunting.. 

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Time slips through our fingers...

Wow it seems like forever since I have blogged.. there has been so much happening and so little time .. where does one start.

I have been on a major excavation of my files and computers and yes oh yes I have sorted and cleaned out my computer organised things to finish, things to do and things that I have no idea why on earth i kept them... it has been like Christmas when opening files to see what they hold.

BIG M.. the database for the Society has come along in leaps and bounds and I have finally finished 100 years of obituaries.. some of the most amazing stories have emerged but it has left me with one major question what will people remind me of.. you know there was the bloke that rode a motorbike along the Maryborough/Torbanlea Road at 108.4 mph, the bloke who used to build cannonballs and on one occasion nearly blew him and his cousins sky high.. there were so many interesting things people were remembered for.

Then I went to a funeral last week and it was amazing the things we learnt about that bloke.. what an amazing man he was yet the nicknames were totally OMG. The funeral made me realise though we never know how long we have and if you have relatives still alive you need to get their stories on paper asap.

So the obituaries and funerals have compelled a new course of direction.. yes I said it.. a new course.. Of course its never going to happen. ...

CEMETERY TOURS... OMG.. I have helped on on in the last week and done another as the tour guide.. that was a total laugh to behold..I have a little problem with our cemetery because everytime I go out there I can surely lose a whole section.. yep.. this time round Portion K would just dissapear from sight only to reappear after we have moved on.

I hate it when it happens and you just know its hiding in the corner but you just cant seem to find it.. then to top it off the one I did as the guide.. I lost a bloke as well.. you can laugh but I knew which row he was in and I knew it was a big headstone but he still hid from me.. I am so glad the people on the tour had a sense of humour and they enjoyed the wander round.. but hey we have 13,500 graves in the cemetery so I am allowed to lose a 1000 odd here and there..

So what do I have in store this weeek.. welllll I am going through all my emails I have left in the to do pile at the moment and I am Hoping to finish the cemetery photos by the end of the week... OH I NEARLY FORGOT.. when I started the Collett project with Cathy we worked out how to create a website (private ) one for the project and I finally got around to uploading the Wroe/Schwarzrock Project the other day.. that was pretty exciting as it is a massive tree and it is now up there for family to see and I don't have to take my laptop wherever I go.. a big step forward for family history a giant leap for Me.. ;)

So as the week unfolds we will keep in touch.. till then. Keep on keeping on..

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wednesday giggles..

Another day in paradise.. rocked up to the Society rooms today to catch up with everybody.. I love catching up and discovering new things and what is happening in the world of the living..

MDFHS Big M project. 

Back to the indexing this afternoon we have just gone to 33000 death/obits/burial records which is an amazing achievement. We still have 30 years of obituaries and 600 headstones to add which will give us the biggest set of records in one place in the Wide Bay...

But to brighten up the day the best obituary comment of the day ....

When interviewed for his 100th birthday he recalled his first job on a dairy farm at the age of 12.

The job lasted a week after Harold figured out that there was only one good job on a diary farm and the bull had it. 

My other projects have been on hold for a couple of days.. I need to take a leap and get to the next stage of the Big M as we are having an official unveiling shortly and need to be as big and cool as possible.. 

So I am back to the records.. enjoy your reading. 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Monday mind blowing madness......

Well this week I am on a roll and have decided to do big clean ups.. Yes you can laugh it will happen.. so I started on a roll this morning and emptied extra files out of my computer.. it was so brutal.. and I made sure I had backups of anything I wanted to keep then after a little database work.. well huge actually cleaned up 3 smaller files on obituaries.. and yes there was the usual reading to find the sad stories the funny ones.. and the weird names.. 

I particularly felt sympathy for Fanny Hurt.. poor thing must have been a pain when giving her name to anybody.  We realised I am reading most of them as I go so I have found some amazing people buried in the Maryborough Cemetery and will be using them in the Cemetery Tours.. 

Particular names will always be bought up when speaking about a place and its history but there are so many amazing people that started life here and you never hear about them... everything from business men to farmers to politicans to lawyers and there there are the amazing women who backed their men or stepped out and made a name for themselves achieving so much. 

We have found a whole pile of disks that have pictures of headstones and extra burial stuff in them so I have been adding them to the database and I think when we are finished we will have the most comprehensive list of burials in the Wide Bay... it is mind blowing and so interesting but leaves you fried at the end of each session.


Well this week I am going to match up all the missing surnames to enable us to build a better I am spending so long digging round in records trying to find marriage records so the women in particular have surnames..

It will be a long week of lots of different websites and search engines.


I have decided to put all my own lineage into a book.. laugh hard.. it will be bigger than Ben Hur when its finished and its a great chance to combine eveything, and double check everything as I go.. I have decided to do it chapter by chapter and took me a whole morning to construct my parents and my siblings.. lol.... its going to definitely take me a while..

PLANTATIONS... I am pulling my hair out as I don't seem to have enough hours in a day and haven't done anything on the Plantations for a week and have so much to add to them so hopefully I will get a chance this week to do a bit more on them.. if you want to check out the Plantations then go to Planatation/Stations and Farms 

So till the next episode... hopefully I won' t be bald by then.. Have fun and happy researching

Thursday, 10 September 2015

To do or not to do...

Woweee. what a couple of weeks.. I seem to be out constantly chasing appointments and have not had a good week on the computer and boy am I having withdrawals... so I got back into the indexing and research today. 

I must admit I had an amazing clean up on Monday.. I shifted all my piles around and went from 5 to 3 piles but they do look so much cleaner and tidier.. 

So now my mission for next week is to finish all the obituaries for the Big M project .. which is so hard as you end up reading most of them but I have found some amazing stories on people buried in the Maryborough Cemetery that I have passed on to our tour organiser. 

You have no idea of how many interesting people it takes to build a city until you sit and read their life stories and back in the day they had a habit of writing obits. in the newspapers which was awesome unfortunately they don't do it anymore and you lose all that really cool history. 

So I will be working through them to finish next week then off to something else. The Society is getting ready to release the Big M and it is going to be such an asset to researchers I myself test run it regularly by looking up info. I am looking for and its neat having it all in one place. 

The Collett Project. 

I printed out a missing info list and my first priority there is to find all the missing surnames funny how the womens surnames are so hidden from sight and they are just called Mrs So & So.. There are only 42 surnames to come.. :)

The Wroe/Schwarzrock Project. 

I am printing out a missing info list on that too and will be chasing up missing info. then I will be able to go to the next stage but I want to do a little tidying up. I have found a whole pile of info on Boonooroo so I think I might start putting that together too will make for interesting reading.. and some of the local newspaper articles that outline the history of Boonooroo and its residents.. 
Well its the weekend again so have a brilliant weekend and until next time.. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Thursday Trivial Time Wasting

I started cleaning up my email this morning and I have a habit of if I find an internet link whilst  on facebook I copy the link and email it to myself. Yes I end up with a pile of links I have no idea why I kept them but this one was quite amusing..

Then whilst going through looking for records in my Collett project I came across 2 listings on a birth page.. 

OOps that is so funny if you can't get it then say the 2 names out loud.. So after a morning of delving through old records getting email updates from my research partner in crime and updating websites it has been a productive morning and now off to to the very boring task of cleaning up the desk.. 

Till next time. 

Monday, 31 August 2015

A sad tale to tell

Well it is Spring tomorrow so the sun will shine, the birds will sing and I will hopefully get back into it after a week off sick... Definitely suffering withdrawals from my database and research but tonight sat down to do some Obituaries and came across a sad story about a young lad who died in horrible circumstances in Maryborough. Obituaries are so sad but you learn so much about people and their lives that its such a shame we don't have them in the newspapers anymore.. so if your researching your family don't forget to check the newspapers as back in the day the newspapers wrote the most amazing stories about people and their lives.

1916 – May 22 – A fearful and fatal accident on Saturday befell a promising young Granville resident, in the person of Charles David Hume, through a gas explosion. The young man resided with his parents in Wolsely Street, Granville, and was 17 years of age. He had been employed as a clerk in the Railway Department, and was of an inventive turn of mind. The house in which he resided is on high blocks and underneath he and his brother (Donald William) had a model gasometer, constructed out of two ordinary oil drums. About half-past 9 o’clock on Saturday morning the deceased was working at this gasometer, when his mother and sister heard a severe explosion underneath the house. The mother sent her daughter to ascertain the cause and she returned with the information that an accident had befallen Charlie. The mother immediately proceeded to the scene and found her son unconscious and bleeding freely, his face being covered in blood. No one was with him at the time of the occurrence, and it cannot be said exactly how the explosion occurred. Dr Farmer and the Ambulance Brigade were communicated with and arrived with all despatch. The unfortunate young man was taken to St Mary’s Private Hospital, where he was attended to by Drs Le Garde and Farmer, but he never regained consciousness, and passed away about 2 o’clock. Dr Farmer gave a certificate that death was due to injuries to the head, fracture of the base of the skull, and cerebral concussion. The shocking occurrence aroused widespread sympathy for the suddenly bereaved family.
The body was taken to his parents’ residence at Granville, and the funeral will leave there at 10.30 this morning. His brother, Donald William, will arrive here from Newcastle by the early morning train. Messrs Kirk and Son have charge of the funeral arrangements.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Snake Bite, Windows and Back to front names....

While going through old files this morning I came upon a cure for snake bite which I thought was quite inventive..

And I took the plunge over the weekend and upgraded to Windows 10... I sat with fingers and everything else crossed after my little adventure into upgrading to Windows 8 to 8.1 which was a total disaster... BUT WAIT FOR IT.. I have done the upgrade and so far everything is working. 
The only downfall is there is no way of getting diggers indexes to work now so thank you for another computer that I havent' upgraded with... 

If you trying to use Diggers and it won't work on anything prior to Windows 10 then you will need this cool conversion program. DIGGERS CONVERTOR

And after a grand morning of converting and adding to the collections for the Society and spending half the time reading the articles.. I am still not finished that section but having a ball with the information I have found.. then I was off doing some more updates for the Collett project when I was having great drama finding a womans death and marriage.. and slap me stupid the woman was born Margaret Elsie and on her marriage and death certificates she has Elsie Margaret.. who would ave thunk it... 

So I currently only have a couple of missing ones that don't seem to exist or have the strangest habits with names.. but I will solve the mystery somehow.. so its back to the den of mystery till next time..

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Woweeeee where did the time go..

How time flies when your having fun... well the time has flown this week and as for getting organised.. I did get around to cleaning my desk.. I now have only 4 piles.. 
1. for the bin
2. Filing
3. Family History 
4. To deal with... 

So it ended up a paper shuffle after all that.. but it may enthuse me to deal with it a little further.. so the week was all over the place with time spent on my own family tree, the Collett Project, the Hansen project ( for one of our Society Members) and the Database for the Society. 

I did thoroughly enjoy the link on facebook over names the other day if you missed it  you can read it here.. Unusual Names in History 

One of the funniest things I find in family history is how you can be going along fine then all of a sudden nothing makes sense and it may take an hour or it may take a month then the whole lot comes together .. we had a moment in history recently when my co - project worker and I were discussing a woman who we thought might have been a relative but who worked out to not be.. just blew the whole circle out because this woman Jemima had a son who believe it or not was married to my Mums cousin so it worked out we are related I believe in a second way.. how many times can people be related through various routes...?????????

Australian history is such a fascinating subject and in my free time I like to read Australian books and found the most amazing book recently that gives you the best insight in to immigration into Australia and how it changed over the years and how that related to the economy and industry of Australia... if your looking for it it is called Kings In Grass Castles by Mary Durack. It is available through Google Books and quite a fascinating read.. 

Well its back to the grindstone before the day dissapears over the horizen.. Have a brilliant weekend.. I am on duty at the Maryborough Family History Society ( upstairs) if your looking for something to do Saturday afternoon.. if not till next time.. :)

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Help I am drowning

I have had the longest week this week just digging around in records, trying to clean up files and creating new files for the Societies database.. and I feel like I am drowning in records.. so this week my focus is on cleaning up the last of the records, storing what I need and don't need and deleting the rest.. yes I said deleting.. 

How do you store your files and keep track of where your up to. There are so many alternatives and cloud servers out there that we can use and it is great but the other day I decided to empty a hard drive onto my laptop to start sorting records and wham bam thank you ma'am the computer was bogged down.. 

And then to top it off I had it sychronised with Google Drive and then had to wait until over 2500 files uploaded. So the hint I learnt last week is 

1. Upload everything you want to work from and archive to your cloud server. 
2. Set everything up in folders for easy reference. 
3. Download the folder you want to work on. 
4. When finished delete the local copy .. ( IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER) is to make sure the cloud server is disconnected ( or you will delete the cloud copy tooo)
5. When finished with a folder download another and repeat the same steps.. You can then see where your working from. 

Another great hint I learnt after much mucking around if your working on any form of project that requires you to import a spreadsheet that has dates set up in it the easiest form to do that is in .csv format. It keeps the dates as is and you can quite easily import into any project. 

Well this week I have set my self 3 goals
1. Clean up my desk
2. Finish the files on my laptop 
3. Sit in the sun find a good book and take time out.. 

Till next time happy hunting.. :)

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Searching, digging and probing

Its a new week and a new adventure.. I have been busy losing hours and hours trawling the internet and using Google Search to no luck at all.. the people and places I am looking for just dont' exist.. so I went in search of how to use Google effectively. 

I attended a seminar and we spoke about this and so I needed to refresh my memory and came across this webpage: How to use Google Effectively there are some very cool ideas in there. 

While having a chat with a fellow family member the other evening we were talking about trying to find our ancestors further back than 1595... yeah right.. what an episode that turned out to be. We were sitting talking so I started google searching then gave up after a while so the next day started again.. this time using Family Search which returned some very interesting results. 

The biggest drawback is the digital records are viewable through The Genealogist and they want  £122 for the year.. aaargh they are all asking for money yet you may only want to use one or two pages on their sites.. 

Family History is definitely an expensive habit but so addictive. 

Well if your looking for something then definitely check out the site above and remember when searching to use terms that sound so stupid it is amazing what they return. 

Till next time... 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Living the dream.

When faced with the challenge of how to fill in the day even though I know there is so much to catch up on I still have the fun task of picking what I want to do for the day. 

Today it has been a generally quiet indexing day with a bit of work on the Collett tree.. adding more people and updating records. 

I recently joined the South Australia Genealogical Society for access to the South Austr. records and this has been a huge help and spent the morning just trolling through the Collett name in the database, I think the best part is I need to pick a name a day and work through it. 

Then I moved onto the Big M for the society and filled in a dozen or more notations for the Apple tree creek cemetery, I must admit I am  a little excited as the Big M is finally taking shape and now its filling it up with records and then to give the Society their program developed, filled and continually growing... 

Then onto my tree for some research.. so today I decided to work on the Wroe side of the family and spent the time in the Queensland Births Deaths and Marriages filling in missing dates. I love fact with this database you can get a year then rework the search to the exact day that makes it so worthwhile. 

Then onto the Plantation and I did some work on Alford and Alpha..check it out Plantations Blog 

I have been perfecting the use of the Births deaths and marriages around the country and you never know where your going to be required to look these days.. there is a constant shift in my family tree from Queensland to every other state in Australia.. Ask the Lelands.. know I know how they felt. 

Till next time.. Happy Hunting

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Updating, Indexing and Relaxing..

As the Collett project is growing and changing all the time.. I am finding more and more people to add to the project and this week has been focussed on cleaning up bits of paper, the hardest bit has been the cold.. yes it has been so cold my poor old fingers just won't type and it doesn't matter how fast I am typing they are not warming up. 

So we have added approximately 100 more people to the tree since last weekend. and cleaned up some dates etc. I must admit Roots Magic is awesome with lists they have a list you can print out on missing information which is awesome when doing housework as you can find all the dates missing then chase them up.. 

I have spent the last 2 hours searching for family on my Dads side and how frustrating is that.. the Wroe family is a large family all in the same town but I will be darned if I can put them together.. and then names pop up that I have no idea where they fit in..

So parts of my Dads tree look like the picture I suppose the best we can do is to keep plodding along it will all come about eventually. They say patience is a virtue but not when your doing your tree the word Patience just doesn't exist.. I think I will have to go back to the beginning and start again. 

Well its off to do some more till next time Happy Hunting...

Sunday, 12 July 2015

TOTALLY huge week.... lots of amazing things

I had the most amazing week last week.. firstly I have visitors and we worked on the Collett tree.. and we went off visiting folks, I met new people who are related to me distantly..

We spent the day out Dundathu way.. learning about life on a farm out there, I have never laughed and enjoyed a day like I did.. learning about farming in the early days, how the women survived and how many kids were raised in houses that had a roof but no internal ceilings..

Good apparently for laying in bed shooting the rats, makes for easy targets as they run across the rafters. We also collated so much information the tree burst from its pot and is now in the high first thousand of names..

Then I spent time with my partners family and we filled in his side of the family tree.. my own tree went from 4500 to nearly 19000 in one weekend.. definitely raised a sweat doing that.. NOT... thank you Roots Magic.

We were able to transfer the files across and merge them so there was not typing or headaches involved.  We then spent some time and I got to trawl through all Joan's digger files which was great as I filled in a whole pile of dates on the Collett tree..

Info sharing is so amazing when your trying to do your family history as it makes life easy, you gain a better understanding of the whole family and we can always learn something from somebody.. as you know I do family history locally and Joan and Marje are involved in Victoria and so it was cool to be able to compare notes and gives you ideas on where to head to next..

Saturday started as a bit of a computer circle and by the time the sun went down we had fixed computers, tablets, phones, shared trees, showed each other new tricks and I introduced Joan to Trove Newspapers and before we knew it it was time to cook dinner.

Today I am catching up on some indexing and cleaning up my poor overburdened desk.. but what a fantastic week I have had.. Oh I forgot the guided tours. we had a great time when I showed my first visitors around the Maryborough township and we went out to Walkers Point, Beaver Rock down through the pocket, around lower Ann St and then up to Eskdale House, and Baddow House.. with a couple of extras thrown in.. Then through Island Plantation out to Dundathu.. you forget how much you take an area for granted till you have to try and take somebody on a tour and make the past come to life. we have a brilliant history and town and lots of amazing things here.. so get out and enjoy the sunshine and take a drive..

Till next time..

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Another week flies by...

Its been another long week of catchup where I have spent hours trying to input data for our Big M research centre and it was quite rewarding when I went down to the Society on Wednesday and gave them a peek on how it is coming together..

The ladies were excited and able to use it ( without too many glitches) which made me happy.. so I will continue sloggin along.

Collett tree. I spent Monday with Althea and Athol and we gathered heaps of information so now I am putting that into the tree and updating..

OOOHHH I did have one huge major breakthrough this week..

We found out that with Roots Magic you can set up a website for your tree and it can be totally private and this is amazing as we currently are located all round the world so having one place everybody can go and check out our updates is rather cool..

If your looking for something like that where you can put it all into one place and work from there then I definitely suggest publishing online with Roots Magic..

Our plantations blog is powering along with Marlene being a constant source of information she recently sent me a mountain of info for the Burrum area which has been an eye opener. If you want to check it out the go to


So back to the grind and hopefully next week I will be able to get into some more research.. one of our researchers and myself have been building a list of websites online to have links all in one spot so if your ever needing help check out


Friday, 26 June 2015

Loong week...

Today is Saturday and I have missed being on my Family History run over the last couple of days.. they say its addictive well I can definitely say it is.. I have had lots of spare time over the last couple of days but just couldn't access my computer and have been feeling withdrawal effects hugely.. 

On a brighter note we have received some extra copies of the book Shipbuilding at Walkers Ltd. Go to here to check it out 


Details the construction of 34 vessels for the RAN and presents a pictorial history of the ships built, with full statistics of each ship.

It offers a good insight into the development of diversified shipbuilding in Australia, and records the efforts of the highly skilled tradesmen to produce these ships..

Cost of the book is $30.00 and if you would like to order a copy then send a message through the CONTACT US form

We have had a huge pile of Plantation information come in from our amazing researcher Marlene.. if you want to see how busy we have been why not check out 

Monday, 22 June 2015


Well what a mad couple of days... I am so grateful I have a pretty cool view from my office window because it feels like my butt is glued to the office chair.. and the fingerprints from tightly gripping the desk in frustration all melt away when I look out the window..

Today the clouds are rolling in but I am on a win.. What have I been up to.. well with the amazing amount of technology I have been working with a couple of amazing ladies on the Collett Family Tree and am finally seeing the end of the tunnel with the tree.

I have gotten the bulk of the info into Roots Magic and am now going through and fixing up dates then WHAM.. up goes the brick wall.

We have an Ernest Balfour "aka Budd" Collett and an Ernest Budd Collett.. are they the same, or are they different.. well after lots of toing and froing we discovered they are 2 different blokes then along came Brian J Collett..

Again same thing 2 blokes, 10 years the difference in age but then again human error creates lots of drama and they both were military men... who died where and whom did they belong to.

After a fitful nights sleep I finally put their dates into perspective and fingers crossed have sorted them out.. One Brian J Collett is definitely ours.. the other we just have to keep digging..

Then to top off the brick wall of the century.. my Great Grand father Hunter worked on a dairy and there is a photo of my Grandma sitting on a horse at the dairy and we don't know anything about this episode in their lives.. so it has been sitting there like a box of chocolates just waiting to be unwrapped.
Marlene ( one of the Societies Researchers) has been helping us with the Plantation Blog and she came across some info on Tilston Dairy  and I was so happy this morning when I found an advert for the sale of the property, then I was able to go through the old map photos I have and found the land that the dairy would have been on originally. 

Now for anybody that lives in Maryborough that would be approximately where Canning Park is in Granville.. which was apparently about 4 miles from the Granville Ferry.. 

This is a huge breakthrough and I am so happy to finally have opened the box of chocolates to find this gem of info... 

This is definitely what Family History is made of... all the hours of persistance pays off for just a little gem like this.. 

Well I am off now to start trying to write a book.. yeah I know stop laughing it will happen.. 

Till next time.. Keep Smiling. :)

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Thank God its Friday

WOW... what a week.. I decided this week to work exclusively on the database for MDFHS... and I have been flat out with it spending endless hours typing, cutting and pasting. 

I am soooooo happy as it is actually coming to gether and I think will be a huge asset to the society when its finished.. 

I KNOW YOU ASK WHYYYYY.. well we will have every ounce of information in one place on every possible resident of the Maryborough and surrounding areas... we have school records, family collections, newspaper extracts, obituaries, references to books we have in the rooms, photos, shipping lists, rates extracts, house names and descriptions, info on properties they owned and everything else we can find that relates to local people.

It is quite exciting as it is coming together..but I am so mind numb and am looking forward to a couple of days away from it... 

But like most historians ( wanna be's like myself) I get easily distracted and the newspaper articles have had me totally absorbed..

I have read about some of the most interesting things and the most horrifying things..

The woman who died and left a fortune as a brothel owner.
The woman who married this guy then her brother who worked for her husband was killed 2 days later.

The children that lost their lives in horrible ways.. drownings, death by fire, lost in the bush never to be found again.

Murder, deaths by stabbing, shooting ( oh and it was accidental) DEATH BY IRONING.. yes you read it right.. and the funniest 2 were.. the man who died by being blown off the hay and the poor bloke who died as a result of his pet goat head butting him into the fire... AHHHHH right..

I am hoping to spend the rest of the day typing, cutting and pasting as next week I would like to get back into finding hints for you on great things I use, and I found a cool site I need to delve into I do think called. Australian Cemeteries..

Till then have fun and watch out for the goat and the iron...

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sunday Relaxing by the beach...

Well what a week.. we got the website up and running for Lee & Leesa

I have updated all the records on the Collett family that are my Ancestors and they are ready to fill in the gaps.. that has been a huge effort of over 400 years of records but it has been such an exciting journey for me. 

I have learnt so much about South Australia and a part of my Heritage I didn't know existed..  
Malcolm Ross Collett 

I have new records, some amazing people and so many new additions to my family tree it is totally amazing.. 

So this week I am back on to building the database for the Maryborough District Family History Society.. so it will be heads down a** up again as my goal this week is to be able to hand it back as a usable item that the Society can use for its research and make life easier... 

While I am sitting here typing up and sorting extracts from newspapers I found a reference to an interesting story in 1879

Mrs. ------, who kept a house of ill-repute, has died recently, leaving £80,000 to relatives.  To quote – “The wages of sin must tot up pretty well nowadays”. I think I will have to go in and find the story to give us the name of the lady who died that rich.. 

Although there are some funny things you read, it is also so sad how many children were born then died quickly in the late 1800's. Mothers must have been such strong women to cope with the birth then death, then birth then death.. what a sad repeating circle...

Monday, 8 June 2015


Well how time flies when your having fun... I didn't realise it had been so long since I had written anything on here.. must have gotten lost somewhere between Game of Thrones episodes, dentist visits and data entry.. 

Today I am prepped and ready to go for a huge day of adventure and mayhem.. my son Lee and his mate Leesa are setting up a new business on the Sunshine Coast doing photography so I am going to set up a website and bits for them... Biggest dilemna - Blog versus Website.

So I am going to do this blog as a long one during the day so you can bear the pain and misery with me.. :) 

No it won't be that bad I promise.. actually I think a blog in Dynamic view might be pretty cool to try, I have been researching this morning and there are some pretty cool variations out there.. 

So stay tuned I will be back shortly need to go and do a couple of things. 

If your thinking of doing a blog yourself or use Google Blogger for a website I will list the steps I do here just for your reading... 

1. I went into Go Daddy to buy a domain name so they would have their own website address but we are going to use Blogger to put the info together. 
2. Then I went in and set up a Google account and that gave me the blogger to work with.
3. Then I started the blog, hooked it up with Pinterest and away we are going. 

We have to wait a little while till the domain is published but here is what i have done on the blog so far. 

Yes indeed they have a www. address.. that is so exciting isn't it... 
So now its time for a coffee and a break while we wait for the domain name to be set up.. 
Thinking though I might change how this blog displays on a roooooolllll this morning.. 


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Begat... Befuddled....Begone...Bepaged...

I am sitting here trying to get some work done on one of my projects to see if I can complete something as I tend to allocated 1/2 hour to each project daily and although I am looking very busy its just not getting anything completed. 

So I decided to spend the whole day on one thing only and today its the Collett Family tree.. 

And I am trying to put mountains of info into some sort of order that will make sense to the reader and I kept coming across the term "Base Born"... so then decided to do the norm.. 

GOOGLE SEARCH... well wish I hadn't, I found the following description 

 Most vicars and curates recorded illegitimate baptisms in the registers by adding such words as "base born", "born in fornication", "natural daughter/son", "bastard child" or, should the parents subsequently marry, "begat of fornication outside of wedlock". These clerks would often show their disgust in the way they completed the register, ignoring the columns and just scrawling across the page. Some were more subtle and just recorded the mother's occupation as "spinster". 

That is so disgusting that a man of the cloth could decide they have the right to write that in an official document. 

If you want to read more on this go to : Burbage terms

COLLETT family tree... well we are finally coming together but I think an Index is now in order as there are so many in the tree starting at the 1600s to today so its getting so big but very interesting.. so sad though as to how many ancestors had large amounts of children but the poor women lost so many children in childbirth or shortly after.. it is such a sad reminder of how hard times were... 

Sweet thoughts till next time 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Updating more Family Names

Time flies when you overload yourself with way tooo many projects so today I am updating the family profiles and the following ones are ones I have added to today. 












Wow finally finished the list so all the pedigree charts are up to date now to fill in the interesting bits for you... 


I was going through Chronicle extracts for 1863 this morning and there were 4 items which took my interest.. 

John married Mary on the 29th March 1863 and on 31 March 1863 Charles ( Mary's brother) who was employed by John was accidentally DROWNED... suspicious or not.. mmm 

William and Mary got married on the 13 March 1863 and the first child was born on the 17 Dec 1863 exactly 9 months and 4 days .. what a wedding night that must have been... or was there hanky panky afoot.. 

See Ya on the Flip side


Jane Kenney is the person we are tracing Jane went onto having quite a large family..

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Just shoot me nooooow!

I have started this blog 4 times over and its because I think my head is like that at the moment. As you may know I am a member of the Maryborough District Family History Society and I do alot of their computer work and am trying to build an index for them.. 

Well stupid ole me.. I went in on Wednesday to upgrade the computers to Office 365 and it was the most amusing yet frustrating morning as we got 3 of the 5 computers online and of course there had to be a glitch in one of them and it had to be the Secretary's computer.. and Margaret bless her heart was trying patiently to work on a new system glitches and all. 

So I have to back to the start with that one and do it again and see what the problem is but fingers crossed it won't be too major.

Then it was back to trying to do this database/index. We have a project called the Big M and it is supposed to be the place where you can go for finding info on your rellies in a user friendly manner and we have gathered so much info that we are builiding the index as we go.. My problem was the thing just keeps geting bigger and bigger and finding a way to make it all work is the biggest challenge of all..

You know when you know what you want to achieve but trying to put it into reality just don't happen. So I had mentioned using Microsoft Access to build a database and it was way out of my league to do but finding somebody to do this is even harder. Wayne ( my partner) of course has the ultimate faith in my abilities and he decided I needed to do some sort of course to do it myself. 

 There are so many courses online none of them designed for what I want ( the easy way out I know) but how to do them from scratch there is even a whole pile of videos on line. 

So I in my old age decided I could do this and set about watching part 1 of 12 vids. on how to. 

We all know how DIY usually ends up, I lost about 16 hours and deleted my work so many times as it just didn't happen then FINALLY.... I got it... 
So I went to bed with databases, tables and queries going round and round in my head and woke up this morning to work out the whole set out for the index. 

The bonus being that I have saved the Society a mountain of money, I have aged 10 years overnight but the baby will grow to full adulthood and be bloody brilliant. 

Then I was asked by a distant relative to help her with a Facebook group that is designed for the Collett descendants and I have been trying to work out how to put that together so everybody can read the info and utilise it.. well frustation reared its ugly head and it took me a while but I think I have it under way too.. So today as I am sitting writing this I really need to have 2 computers running and 2 sets of hands to bring all the projects forward.. 

Is this going to happen....NO... so I will just keep plodding along.. We love to see things happen and sometimes we need to step back before jumping in to do things unless we are prepared for total madness and hair pulling.. Me I love getting in over my head and learning something new.. :)

So till next time.. enjoy life... take every challenge that comes your way.... life would be boring otherwise. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Off in the land of paper...


Yes I know self praise is not really a true value of ones achievements but I am a champion because I have not hoarded one piece of paper for my personal family tree in just over 4 days and today I cleaned up my desk. 

Yes thats right I sorted and filed the trays, sorted the piles and now I sit here and look thinking what am I to do now . 

But I will admit I have piled my personal stuff into piles to resort as there is so many bits and I have to work out what to do with them. 

Then along comes a distraction like a facebook group I have been added to and I think to myself - where is that last will and testiment of the unknown Henry Collett. 

I accidentally purchased it and yet I don't know who it belongs to maybe I will post the details into the group and see if we can link him up somewhere.. 

I set my self a goal of 30 mins per task per day and the list is endless I have to do for example each day I try and complete the following.

1. Update and write in my blog 
2. Research and update another property in Plantations, Stations and Farms. 
    If you would like to read this one its at Plantations, Stations & Farms.
3. Do more family history for me
4. Sort out at least 10 Floppy disks
5. Type up old school records for the Big M database
6. Work on setting up the excel dashboard for the Big M 
7. Decipher old records and file them. 

The biggest problem with trying to do so many things in one day is all it takes is something you haven't seen before and your off in gaga land. 

Then today I have been receiving some input from an amazing researcher - Marlene, she has been gathering info for us on Plantations and if I can not find a name, family or plantation then she has been digging around and she sent me so much stuff in the last couple of days I now have to sort it. 

One of the best things she has sent me is the 1880's electoral roles out of the newspapers. they have some valuable information for the plantations blog in them but also we can check against our Rates notices to ensure we have these names already in there too.. and of course lost in information again. 

So now you know why I am such a dead head and always drifting from place to place but it is amazing how much you can get done in 30 mins. and the information builds and builds from there. 

Well till next time I had better go and sort some personal family history and then I have the floppy disks to try and open so HAPPY RESEARCHING...